WW: A Labor Free Kind of Weekend

Labor day weekend was a fun family weekend for us. After my return to work it was a much needed weekend.

We have a wonderful time just being us. Saturday morning we had a lovely time visiting the farmers market a couple towns over.
This is my dream town. It is a lovely old New England town, with a beautiful town green and lovely old churches, cemeteries and buildings {I promise to share more pics of the town in the near future!!}.

We loaded up on some apples, lettuce, zucchini, and the most beautiful lovely smelling fresh basil ever grown.

Saturday afternoon Tommy hung out with his Nana {read: got wonderfully spoiled} While Daddy, Jack and I headed over to our friends house for a fun little party – with plenty of little girlies the perfect size and age for Jack.

Shannon {our fantastic hostess…and frequent reader…Hi Shannon} bought cupcakes for all the kiddies. Lovely delicious, brightly frosted, Sesame Street themed cupcakes.
You have never seen a more beautiful and colorful mess than three excited 18 month old sweeties enjoying colorful cupcakes {I wish I had more pictures of them – there was frosting everywhere – on fingers and toes, cheeks and noses, even in a belly button or two!!}

Sunday Jack and I were slammed by allergies – so we scooped up Tommy from Nana’s and headed over to Bobo’s to pick up the bookshelf we had there and just relax. I think I spent most of the day laying on the couch.

Finally Monday – our bonus day – we spent most of the day lazily cleaning. Nothing major got done, it was just a nice quiet pleasant day at home with a lovely fire and some marshmallow roasting to top it all off – gearing us up for the insanity that was to follow {little did we know how insane last week would be}


  1. what a fun holiday weekend! Ours was very similar!

    happy ww!

    my ww: http://mcclurefamilyspace.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh how fun! We love to gather around our firepit.

  3. looks like you all had a great weekend! (I have a dream town I want to live in too)

  4. Was your weekend lovely? Because it seemed really lovely. ;o) Hopefully this weekend's weather will be lovely!

  5. What a perfect and relaxing weekend! We had a bonfire as well. :)

  6. LOL! That sounds like every New England town. And because that's the kind of town I grew up in....it sounds boring! LOL! I'm glad it was a nice and relaxing weekend for you!

  7. Looks like a fun weekend. I say any weekend going to a farmers market is always a good one. I don't know what it is about farmers markets, but they always make me feel good after I attend one. :)

  8. SOunds just about perfect. I can't even remember what I did. :)

  9. Sounds like the perfect Labor Day weekend...minus the allergies. Mine are flaring up big time. Grrr.

  10. It looks and sounds like the perfect weekend! Well, except the allergies part...but then again, you got to veg on the couch... ;)

    Happy WW! :)

  11. Looks like a great time with family and friends. Love the icing-covered toddlers! : )

  12. Looks like fun for everyone-I wanna go! :)


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