Better Late Than Never...

I just returned to my hotel room from taking my ice bucket for a walk (and a couple of elevator rides...is it really so hard to keep ice machines working?!) and I figured I should post about taking my ice bucket for a walk....I mean it is some exciting stuff....

oh wait...didn't I tell you....I'm in Kansas again!!  Another 1-day 1-night trip.  Sadly this time without a fun new camaro to help me enjoy it.

On the plus side the hubby and I did get to have a kid free dinner together tonight....no he is not with me...but while I on the patio of The Cheesecake Factory enjoying my dinner, I had my phone on the table with me and he and I texted back and forth the whole meal.  It almost felt like I wasn't eating alone...almost.


I finally gave myself the new layout I have been craving.  There is still a little more work to be done, some reshuffling and relabeling, but for now I am happy.

And of course there is a new button to go with the new design.  If you already have my button it should have automatically updated.  If you don't already have it, feel free to grab it....I know you want to look at my kids every time you open your blog ;)


I am weary these day...not tired, just weary.  Things have been a struggle for us lately.  I think it is all finally catching up to me - I wonder when we will get to the other side of it all....and I wonder what else lies between here and the other side.

Now don't get me wrong...I know we are blessed.  We do have our health (mostly) - at least no major concerns, we have each other, all 4 of us.  We are loved and love, we have parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins who all love us.  I know we are blessed.

But still these days I feel beat.  Its like I just can't come to terms with the fact that life doesn't happen the way I want to script it (and Lord knows I want to script it).  I am having a hard time accepting the fact that I can't just change things immediately and make them what I want...right now.  I feel like stamping my feet on the ground, like throwing a fit, and then taking a nap.  I want to wake up and have things be different.

and then again....these trials have brought us closer as a family.  I think the hubby and I are appreciating each other more.....we are spending more time just doing simple things as a family (like walking through grave yards and taking lots of pictures!!)

no wonder I'm tired I can't even make up my mind if I am miserable or not :)


And now for something completely different.....

Why is it that the crazy guy that works at the frequent flier promo kiosk thingy can't recognize someone who is rushing to their gate to catch their plane.  I mean seriously...you work in the airport how is it that you can't pick out a stressed traveler when you see one...why exactly do you feel the need to try to stop us as we try to make the next flight (for fear we will be stuck in whatever airport we happen to be in)


The relationship between Tommy and Jack continues to amaze me.  Last night, for example, Tommy reached over and grabbed Jack's hand and tried to gently lead him to a different spot on the couch.  Tommy wanted to show Jack the moon.  And the other day when Jack bumped his head, Tommy was very concerned and walked over to Jack saying "oooooo  poor baby" and gently kissed him on his head.   Jack on wants to do everything Tommy does, he follows Tommy around and wants to be just like his big brother.


Ok...the big hotel tub and the even bigger hotel bed are calling my name....now that the ice bucket and I have taken our stroll, and my milk is being kept sufficiently cold (need milk for my coffee in the morning), and now that I have finally emptied a small (miniscule really) portion of the thoughts swirling in my head - I will sign off....

Wait...one last thing....5 days until the cable is shut off....is it bad that I am scared?!


  1. Happy Thursday! Love your new layout, and meant to tell you that the other day. Now you need to tell me how you update your button and have it automatically show that update on people's blogs who grabbed your button. Do you simply rename your new button the same as your old button and bring it into Photobucket that way? Oh, I'm rambling and it's not even my post!

    I can relate to you on wanting to script everything! I also feel like there is so much I want to do, and when I look at that list, I get tired, and don't accomplish anything on it. It's like my drive is gone.

    Enjoy the tub, the big bed, and a night of peace and quiet.

  2. I know that you'll do well without the cable and happy alone meal!

  3. I didn't hear you say anything about my toothbrush... LOL
    Love the blog look. I get you about the feeling beat part and knowing that we are blessed. I wish God would give me the script too... but he doesn't work that way, does he? Dang it! I'm sure these 1 day business trips 1/2 way across the country don't help either. Safe travels back home. You'll do great without the cable. I used to watch hours a week, but with school work I'm down to 1 show, which I DVR so it's only 40 minutes for me.

  4. I love the new layout, it's very cute! In my opinion cable is overrated, as long as you've got your camera and a decent internet connection I think you'll be just fine.

  5. I hope you had a nice time and aren't sick of going to KC already!! I am sooo glad we aren't doing the OM this weekend! It is supposed to rain and I feel like crap from this cold.

    The boys are so sweet with each other. I hope my munchkins get along so well!

  6. Seeing your kids get along and take care of each other is just so special. It melts your heart. I wish that we could shut off our cable, but hubs would not like that at all. Grrr. You will do great without it. hope you had a great night of sleep on that very big bed.


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