My Weekends Are So Busy...

...That I look forward to Monday so I can go to work and rest...

well wait...that's not quite true.  But it definitely has not been a sit on our butts and do nothing couple of days.  I am thinking next weekend (between trick or treating and tagging a tree we might be able to sneak in some extra naps)

Saturday's escapades and outings were very much self inflicted...the exhaustion from being up with a cranky hyped-up-on-albuterol 19 month old were not.  But regardless off to my hair appointment I flew (after waking up very late and taking the fastest shower known to man).

Then a return trip home to abscond with the oldest of the two little men so that he could join me in the trip to Kameron's to get a cute costume for Jack, and the trip to the fabric store (one of his favorite places), and then  the trip to the grocery store.

{one thing I did learn on these trips is while bribing a three year old with m&m's at store number one may seem genius, the moment the sugar from said chocolates hit the 3-year-old at store number two, the idea doesn't seem so brilliant after all!!}

A whirlwind dinner, an attempt at cleaning, and I am sure some other activities that are long since forgotten, and the hubby and I finally find ourselves in bed, asleep {until of course our little one decides that 3 am is the perfect time for a coughing/screaming fit!!}

Sunday morning - ahhhh....we get to sleep in....so relaxed...until we realize that to make it to the orchard in time to meet our friends we will have to leave in 15 minutes....HA!!!  So much for bacon and eggs for breakfast!!

We get dressed, we get out - all children and blankees...and parents...grouchily loaded in to the car - only 15 minutes behind but the friends must wait a little longer...without coffee and money we will be useless.

And to the orchard we go

we pick apples

we throw apples

we taste apples

we play with 4-wheelers

and go for hayrides

and everyone is happy

until we have to leave of course!!

And its homeward bound.  Time for lunch (the bacon and eggs we previously neglected of course) and maybe a nap (but really?... no)  Definitely some cleaning - and a little Harry Potter watching - and some leaf raking...until its time to leave again...

Off to the trunk or treat.  To get Tommy's new costume, see Nana and Poppa, and try to teach the boys that Mommy really likes chocolate and they should take that instead of the lollipop when given the option (sadly this lesson hasn't sunk in yet)

And then its back home...only slightly sugared up - after a quick hamburger from McDonald's in lieu of dinner (whoops) - and into PJs we go

Bake a pie

Off to bed for the boys

Off to hockey for daddy

Off to clean, sew and prepare for the work week for Mommy....(and try not to forget to get things ready for the Aiming Low even Monday night)

....And then Sunday night just too tired to even post this...tuck it away...

Monday night go party (after a long day of work)....forget to take a single picture, but have a lovely time with friends new and old...

Tuesday....work....blah....home....yay....nap....double yay.....and finally get a chance to blog...

See...there....now don't you feel relaxed too?

EDIT:  I was trying to figure out why so many bloggers were posting WW posts on Monday night....then I realized somehow it was Tuesday night....I knew that at one point...I think...

Well Angie...it doesn't get more Wordful than this!!


  1. Wow! Your weekend was busy! How cute are your babies? LOVE their costumes! Totally adorable! Hope this weekend is a little less stressful!

    And HOLY COW! did you tag your tree for Christmas? Isn't that like a million days away still? You are WAY ahead of the game! Good job!

  2. I love the apple picking photos!!! What a great fall outing and your weather looked nice. :)

  3. Oh! I want to go pick apples after seeing those pics :)

    Busy weekends are the best! Sounds like you had a lot of fun and made some good memories.

  4. I am now tired all over agian. Oh, wait. That would be from Nate waking up at 4:30 peed through again. Ugh. Sleep is so elusive these days!

  5. Wow girl that is exhausting and I thought I was busy. I hope next week is a little slower for you because Christmas is coming up quick! Yikes. Loved the costumes too by the way. CUTE!

  6. Yes, that is busy, but it does look like you had a great time!

  7. Whew! that is exhausting! And I thought my weekends were full...

  8. Your weekends are busy. Wow! It is great to see that even in the mist of everything, you are still finding the time to spend with family and celebrating the season!

  9. I'd say that was a VERY busy weekend! LOVED the apple picking shots! Very cool memories... :)

  10. Looked like a fun day picking apples and your zoo animals are adorable.

    Wait....they already went trick or treating??

  11. So jealous of the apple picking. I wish we lived in the area where we could do that but alas, we do not. Happy Halloween! : )

  12. That wore me out just reading it. LOL!

    I DO NOT miss the days of albuterol-hyped toddler. No way, no how. I desperately wanted to add on a rubber lined room where we could put our daughter safely while it wore off. I am so thankful for Xopenex cuz it doesn't cause the bouncing-off-the-walls jitters.

  13. you got some great pictures! Something else we don't do here..pick apples!


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