Some Thursday Randomness

Another day, another post of randomness...


I am so excited to go to a bloggy event in Boston in a couple weeks!!  I keep watching from afar as friend attend events like BlogHer and Sitscation...finally it is my turn.  Aiming Low is hosting the event and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!!!

Fortunately hubby is being very cool about the whole thing, especially since it means I will be going out on a Monday night when he often has hockey games.  We don't know if he will have one that night - but he has already offered to skip the game so that I can go.  He is so understanding of the fact that I need to get out alone every now and then.  I really am a lucky gal!!

Now I just have to figure out what to wear (ugh) and how to handle the logistics of getting ready after work, but not at work and not driving home!!  (that and I have to get over my crazy nerves over being at an event where I won't know most of the people....scary!!)


As I mentioned earlier this week, we went pumpkin picking this past weekend - what we came home with were two gigantic pumpkins (really - together they weighed 39+ pounds!!)  we let the boys paint one, the other was for Mommy to carve.

I had big plans - it was going to be elegant and pretty...and then Hubby stepped in.

"I want something more traditional" he said

"fine, pick out a stencil online and I will carve it"

this is what he picked...

Now I ask you...since when is Blue (of Blues Clues fame) a traditional Halloween Jack O Lantern?!

And do you know how hard it is to transfer from flat piece of paper to large round pumpkin...and then to carve it?

AND I'm actually not even done carving....it seems that the pumpkin is so thick I have to carve out a lot more if we want blue to glow. {I don't like to cut all the way through....I actually bought fun pottery tools for the sole purpose of pumpkin carving several years ago}  (I told hubby it is fine the way it is....he wants to see the boys reaction when they see the darn thing glowing....yay....)


If you are wondering - the no cable thing is going very well.  We get a little more done around the house, have more dinners together at the table, and the boys are so much better behaved.  We still do watch a bit, and the hubby and watch our favorite shows online when they are available (hulu.com and tv.com have everything).  We are definitely glad we did it.  The only thing we miss right now is Backyardigans.  That was our nightly winding down before bed show - finding that new bedtime routine has been kind of rough


I am so excited about some of the new fun things that i have been making that I haven't shared with you all yet.  I have been sewing and crafting like a mad woman this past month for the Providence Open Market and Saturday is the last day!!  I can't wait to have the time to get pictures taken of everything and get them up here and on Etsy!! 

I finally had my first Etsy sale - last Saturday I had someone request a custom bag.  Its pretty exciting....now lets just hope it is one small pebble in a huge avalanche of orders.  I love making all this stuff but I need people to make it all for!!!

I have also finally come to terms with the fact that listing on Etsy does not mean that I will have any sort of garunteed or immediate success.  I have been talking to different vendors at shows, and reading as much as I can about sewing and having a successful shop - I have a lot of work to do, but I am determined to get there.  I am so in love with sewing - I love the creative process, the stitching and cutting, the admiring a finished product (even when they fail ;)

That said...I am off...I have a boy to tend to and lots of sewing to do :)

Happy Thursday all (and go say hello to Brooke - the lovely random thursday hostess)


  1. Thanks for stopping by today! I am so jealous you get to attend a blogging event. I have only met one bloggy friend and she was local!

    We hope to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend if everyone is feeling better! Your pumpkin is a hoot and so scary too!

    I would love to feature your Etsy store on my blog some time. Let me know if it is okay with you. We love bags at our house!

  2. Hi from Brooke's! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My hubby plays hockey Monday nights too. Yes, it's a great sport - which is why we keep cable, so we can watch our beloved Red Wings. But bravo to you for getting rid of it! Have a great weekend.

  3. Knowing how creative you are, I should not at all be shocked to see such an amazing pumpkin carving! Really? You simply traced and then carved? It looks awesome!

    And I'm so excited for you about your sewing and following your heart with passion that you truly enjoy. I wish I could get into sewing. I have no patience for all the mistakes I make :(

  4. At least you will know me at the event! If all else fails we have that to fall back on, but I do think the whole purpose is to meet people, so we'd better get un-shy real quick!

    I have a few Backyardigans DVDs if you want to borrow them. That way you can still have them for the boys to watch! I have all the episodes on DVR so Nate watches them that way.

  5. Yeah, we watch the Backyardigans on DVR too. I can't (I mean, Aidan can't!) live without that show. It's the one cartoon I actually enjoy! But I'm glad the no TV thing is going well.

    My husband loves carving pumpkins that way... so the light shines through the skin. But yeah, you do have a carve down if it's thick! And um, I don't get the Blues Clues/traditional connection either. Husbands are so funny!

  6. I like the random post. It all sounds very happy...you've made me smile. And believe me, THAT'S an accomplishment after the week I've had.

    Congratulations on your first Etsy sale!

  7. I was just gonna say... at least you know Kameron there! Excited that you get to go to the bloggy event (and a wee bit jealous!)

    Your pumpkin turned out great!!! Would love to see it all lit up!

  8. Can't wait to hear all about you and Kameron's blog trip. So wish I could be there with you chicks. Take tons of pictures.

    You sure have been a sewing queen lately. I need to find a crafty hobby. I love what all you girls come up with. So talented.

  9. Good for you guys on cancelling cable! We missed ours too much, and I admit we got it back several months ago. However, we try very hard not to have the TV on until after Delia goes to bed in the evenings. And we are usually gone on the weekends.

    Anywho, the pumpkin carving is very cool! How did you do that without cutting through?


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