Tis the Season

For cute fall sweaters

and fun indoor crafts

for days at festivals

and markets;

eating apples

and baking

It is the time of year when mommy gets motivated

5lbs of breaded eggplants made and ready for whenever the mood strikes us

(well except for that pound that Jack ate)

5 quarts of yummy beef stew perfect for those cold fall nights

2 quarts of tomato sauce, made from fresh tomatoes (roasted with garlic and basil)

Tis the season for playing with Nana and Papa and Uncle Nate

Tis (in my opinion) one of the best seasons of the year....I can't wait to go pick some pumpkins, and some apples, bake some pies and make some costumes next!!!

But for tonight...I sew (because Kameron is making me)


  1. My mom used to make breaded eggplant for us all the time growing up! I love it and haven't had it in years. Yum!

  2. I agree and love this time of the year! so excited for fall!

  3. I love this season too... the only reason I'm sad to see it come is the less time to grab the horsies for a ride.

    But golly I can't wait for the leaves to change!

  4. YUM! I've never had eggplant prepared that way. Must be good huh?

  5. @Lisa - it is so yummy like that!! We layer it in a pan with tomato sauce and cheese - egg plant parm. But I could eat them all day long just as is with a little salt on top.

  6. Hey there, Friend!

    Oh, I just LOVE the pics of the boys!!! They are just too precious. (All that food.. man, I wanna come eat at YOUR house) Hehe

    I hope all is well with you guys. Have a WONDERFUL week!!

  7. Yummm...this post has made me very hungry! It all sounds delicious!

    You certainly have been busy...I'm worn out just from reading everything you've been doing. lol


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