You Know You Wanna Know

Or maybe you don't....

Please help me as I will be away for three nights next week WITH my laptop but WITHOUT my blog foddor (aka my children).  And as my creative (writing) well has seemed to run dry...I need YOU!!!

A few of my friends (new and old) have done this recently so I thought I would too (you know me I want to be a cool kid too)....

ASK ME ANYTHING....that's right...anything.  Nothing is off limits....

I have several new followers (hi friends) and many old ones (hi friends) and I am sure you must want to know something about me....

So come out of hiding (you know who you are....) and ASK ME ANYTHING....and please....give me something to do while I am stuck in a cruddy hotel room!!!


  1. Oooh, I will come up with something good... there is so much i need to learn about you.

  2. Okay, I'll give it a shot.

    What do you like to look for in a hotel when you are traveling? Is it the spa, having a pool, Cable TV, or what?

  3. How fun!

    How'd you meet your husband? How'd you decide on your kids' names (because I'm especially in love with the name "Jack"!). Is all your stuff listed on Etsy yet? Are you enjoying your "new" job? How do you balance work and kids? Enough questions yet? :)

  4. Hmmmm...
    *Are you planning to have anymore children?
    *Does your hubby have any quirks that drive you crazy?
    *Do you have any quirks that drive your hubby crazy?
    *What would be your idea be for a perfect day of pampering?

    That should do for now. I'm looking foward to reading your answers. :-)

  5. I have one for you.....how do you juggle working and motherhood??

  6. Oh! I have one!

    If you could live one day over again (either to re-experience it or to do it over), what day would it be and for what reason?

  7. Well I have 3 things...
    1. What type of work do you do that had you get laid off a while a go and now has you travel quite a lot?
    2. When are they sending you to FL?
    3. You won't be spending time in hotel room... you'll be out shopping for some kick butt thing to send me... right?

  8. Check your email... I asked a bunch there.


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