Because You Asked pt1

Granted, I asked that you ask, but still you did ask.....oh and if you didn't ask...you still can...go here...and ask...

King J's Queen:

What do you like to look for in a hotel when you are traveling? Is it the spa, having a pool, Cable TV, or what?
Well unfortunately all my travel these days are for work and they don't let me pick the hotel.  The last few times I did get the option to pick a hotel (for a fun get away) I took a look at local amenities.  Usually when I go away I am looking to spend very little time in the room and want to know that there is loads to do around me.  I also really like trying to find suites or apartments - I like having the option of keeping breakfast and lunch foods on hand so that I can pack up for a day out, and it is nice to have a comfortable place to stay if for any reason I do need to stay in for a day or two (last time traveling I got pretty ill and was happy for a comfy room).

Rachel said...

How'd you meet your husband
We first met while we were both students at URI.  He was roommates with someone I knew in high school.  I actually don't remember our first meeting - apparently I didn't make too good of an impression that day either...We met again a few years later when I was in a better mood and he was dating someone else.  It worked out quite well, as we were friends for several years before we actually started seeing each other.  I love the fact that he knew all my secrets long before I ever had to worry about him finding out all my secrets :)

How'd you decide on your kids' names (because I'm especially in love with the name "Jack"!).
First, the rules:
rule #1  Dan and I each come from very large very close extended families.... , no names of any first cousins, aunts, or uncles

rule #2  nothing that begins with a "K" or hard "C" (same sound as our last name)
rule number 3 no junior
Thomas Michael - as soon as we knew we were having a boy, I knew I wanted his middle name to be in tribute to my brother who passed away several months prior.  As for Thomas....that just happened.  We both just liked it.  (I won't go in to how many we disagreed on first)
Jackson David - Again the middle name came first - David after Dan's grandfather.  We were torn with his first name - we both really like the name "Jack" but didn't like the way "Jack David" sounded and we didn't want to name him Jonathan.  We toyed around with some other names (started getting very very Irish at one point) when finally (after watching Steel Magnolias for the millionth time) I had a stroke of genius :)  if you know the movie, you know where Jack got his name

 Is all your stuff listed on Etsy yet?
Actually....almost.  I spent one evening just photographing everything and now it has just been a matter of editting and posting.  I have plans to post more tonight - I brought the photos with me so I could get "work" done in my hotel room..

Are you enjoying your "new" job? 
I have to be very very careful answering this question (and any questions about work for that matter) as I don't know who reads my blog and I am not anonymous....right now I'll just say...its a job....{feel free to infer what you'd like from this answer ;)}

How do you balance work and kids?
This is a hard one...I am still trying to figure it all out right now - my current working day has me out of the house around 7am and not home until a little after 6pm so I am still working on finding that balance....this could (and probably will) be a post of its own.

Beth E. said...

*Are you planning to have anymore children?
Yes - we are currently in the logistical planning phases. (in other words I want to be pregnant now he wants to wait a few more months - the negotiations are currently underway)

*Does your hubby have any quirks that drive you crazy?
1.  He can drive (at times) a little madman like and it scares me
2.  He can't seem to figure out how exactly to wash a pot or pan
3.  His amazing ability to tune out the 3 year old standing right next to him when watching TV or on the computer
I know I had more...but as right now I am missing him, all his little quirks seem almost endearing....(almost)

*Do you have any quirks that drive your hubby crazy?
Yes.....many..... (maybe someday he can sneak on here and tell you all about them ;)

*What would be your idea be for a perfect day of pampering?
Start off with a nice yoga class, followed by a long steamy shower.  Then all the fabulous spa treatments....manicure, pedicure, massage, you get the idea.  With loads of fresh fresh fresh fruit, champagne, cold water, and a good friend or two to share in it all with me.

Well I think that's enough for now.....There are still more to come...either later today or tomorrow as I have time.


  1. So you are lovin' your job eh? I think it is a rare thing for someone to absolutely love what they do for work. My husband is 48 and for the first time in his life has a career that he loves.

  2. I was trying to think of something to ask you, but since I've known you for 4 years I was havinfg a hard time. i will think and see if I can come up with something anyway!

  3. Thanks for letting us get to know you better! Looking forward to reading more of your answers. :-)

  4. I'm enjoying the question/answer posts. It's nice to get to know you better.

    Um, is it bad to completely zone out the world when you are on the computer or something? I mean, I don't hear my munchkin either, no matter how many times she repeats "mama, mama, mama, mama...." After I finish what I'm doing, I look at her all surprised and ask "We're you looking for me?". LOL!


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