Because You Asked pt2

Michelle said...

How do you juggle working and motherhood??
This is such a hard one for me to answer, because mostly I don't feel like I do juggle it all successfully.  I am out of the house 60+  hours a week, I miss my boys all 60+ of them.   I am trying hard to find a balance, and juggle things successfully...I just don't know how well it is working this time.

Kelly Deneen said...

If you could live one day over again (either to re-experience it or to do it over), what day would it be and for what reason?
So I feel kind of guilty...I am not going to say the birth of either boys....I mean really, the pain, the fear....I would relive that exact moment that we said hello, but definitnely not the entire day....
On the other hand my wedding day was perfect.  Every last detail of it!!  From the morning with my friends and family, having brunch, laughing, enjoying every moment.  To the actual wedding, walking up to my best beloved and saying "I Do", the horses, the fireworks, the ice luge, sleeping in tents with friends that night, I would love to do it yearly!!!

Grace said...
1. What type of work do you do that had you get laid off a while a go and now has you travel quite a lot?
I was a scientist of sorts in Biotech until a couple years ago, when I switched over to laboratory robotics (robotics engineer - install, program, repair, etc).  Lost my job in May and now I am back to the engineering/repair end of things - this time I work on ALL lab equipment, not just the robotics.  I actually really enjoy fixing things and working on equipment (I used to like to fix cars with my dad) - the problem lies in having equipment spread across the US (like in Kansas) and needing to travel to it to fix it, instead of having it sent to me (which is what we do with most smaller instruments)

2. When are they sending you to FL?
Considering the list of fabulous friends I need to meet....not soon enough, but the moment they do you know I will be tweeting all about it ;)

3. You won't be spending time in hotel room... you'll be out shopping for some kick butt thing to send me... right?
Sadly - I will be (have been) making myself comfortable in my little room (even brought some hand sewing to do to be comfy) we are still recovering from my unemployment so shopping is out of the question (as much as I would love to though)

Michele asked
Favorite food?

On the healthy side I absolutely adore steamed broccoli (really...when home alone that often makes up a major parts of my dinner)

On the absolutely unhealthy, but I would live off of it if I could....chocolate, anything and everything chocolate - especially European Cadbury's (very different from American Cadbury's) and m&ms....oh and of course chocolate ice cream with hot fudge!!!  Ok....now I want ice cream!!

Next concert you'd like to attend?

Unfortunately I just missed the Ben Fold's concert - other than that I always love to see G Love.  I'm sure there are others, I just can't think of them right now :(

Furthest you've traveled? Fave place you've traveled?

I think the furthest was the trip to Greece when I was a Senior in high school.  We went to Athens, then took a cruise through the Agean sea (stopped at 3 amazing islands and in Kusadasi in Turkey).  My favorite place however has been Ireland.  Hubby and I went in 2003 for St Patrick's day, and then with friends in 2004 (again for St Patrick's day).  We always talk about how we can't wait to be able to take the boys there some day!!

Most embarrassing moment ever?

One of those awful accidents (of the feminine nature) at a party when I was 16 - I was stranded, with a lot of people I didn't know, and basically ended up hiding until I could find a ride home...it was awful!!!

What is something you have always wanted to do but never have?

sky dive - now that I have kids I am pretty sure I never will either.  I just can't justify the risk now that I have kids.

Most annoying thing your husband does?

Most annoying?  Its his amazing ability to completely block out the rest of the world when watching TV or playing on the computer - including the sweet little rug rats pulling at his pant legs (one of the reasons I was ready to turn off the cable)

Favorite childhood memory?

Playing with my older brother in our yard or at the creek.  Making leaf and stick boats and racing them, running around all summer without a care.  

Worst trouble you ever go into before the age of 20?

(well I did say anything)  When I was a junior I got suspended for stealing.  A friend and I did it, but I took the fall for both of us. (I knew at home me getting in trouble would be a lot less than her getting in trouble)  I was suspended for a couple days and had a week or detentions.  I am happy to say that I never got in trouble with the police (we ran too fast for them to catch us...ha ha ha....)

How many tattoos do you have and do you want more? What will you do when your boys ask to get tattoos?

I have 4 tattoos and yes I want more. I actually had one planned, it was all drawn out and beautiful.  Dan had helped me plan it and Joel from Babmu Tattoo had drawn it.  And then I got pregnant....I did not feel right getting a new tattoo while pregnant :)  maybe someday I will go back and finally finish it.

As for when my boys ask - I know it will be a tough one.  I will insist that they not get one before they are 18...but beyond that I don't know.  

What would a dream evening out with girl friends entail?

An evening out with girls is in and of itself a dream!!!  I love the idea of a nice meal (nothing overly fancy but yummy) with of course good desert!!  Coffee, drinks, chatting, and then....maybe even some dancing!!  I love to go dancing, but never get a chance to (the hubby is less than excited by the idea of  going dancing).  Although even just some drinks deserts and good company sounds wonderful too!!


  1. Just trying to catch up over here a bit. Loved the apple and halloween pictures. So sorry I missed the ask me anything. Loved your answers and looks like everyone else covered it all. Great way to get to know you better.

  2. Wow, that is alot of hours to be at work. I am sure you are missing the boys. You will find balance...you are a good mom. I didn't know you had 4 tattoos. What was the one that you didn't get yet of?

  3. First off, I love G Love. A wonderful friend of mine (who actually married my husband & I) was roommates with him.

    I could never even consider sky diving... it scares the crap out of me.

    I am totally jealous of your travels. I would love to visit Ireland.

    Thanks for all the answers and honesty.

  4. Joelle and I were just talking about dancing last night! She said there is no good place to go dance and not get bothered by guys and I shared our secret with her! Ha! We all have to go back to Mira Bar when I am recovered a bit from having baby girl!!


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