Earning His Keep

Tommy is pushing 3 1/2 we figure its high time he start earning his own way

I think next week we'll make him go job hunting....

I know we've waited so long we've probably spoiled him :)

{from the mess around him it almost looks like Tommy is the only one who cleans - don't worry that's not true - Jack was washing the windows}


  1. You're giving him the easy way out. Uh-huh. Need to train him to sweep it, then wash the floors on his hands and knees. When he's figured that all out, then you show him the vacuum. Ha! Looks like he was having a good time helping out.

  2. LOL - too adorable!

    Itty Bit is into Thomas the Train, so whenever he's being helpful, he beams when I tell him he's a "really useful boy"!

    And if Jack washes windows like our boy, he's (ahem) LICKING them??? :)

    Adorable pictures!

  3. Is that a boppy on your table?? :o) I had Nate sweeping leaves off the deck this morning. They have it easy, these kids!

  4. Can't wait until my little slave, I mean child, is old enough to help! Right now I have to vacuum HOLDING Aidan on my hip. Or else he screams. I guess it's a good workout!

  5. Too cute. That's right, start them when they're young.


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