Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Thanksgiving is over and I can finally start cranking the Christmas music without fear of being attacked!!! I love this time of year, I love the music, the decorations, the trees, the cookies, everything!!!

And this is the weekend when it really finally starts.  While I may not go for the "Black Friday" craze (yes I realize the deals are good...I just don't have it in me), I do love that the holiday energy is in the air.

Today we all got into the holiday spirit and went to pick out a tree...

Well I thought we were in the holiday spirit...

Jack wanted to sleep....

I tried to be cheery...

but being quite ill, after 30 minutes I lost my will to find the perfect tree and was willing to take a Charlie Brown knock-off

Tommy just wanted to play with the other kids that were there with their families

And Dan just wanted to get it done....

But in the end, when our tree was cut, wrapped and secured to our car, when Tommy's McDonald's related tantrum was over, the holiday spirit returned, the Christmas music was turned up, and we were all once again happy.

The tree is now up in our entry - tomorrow night we decorate...I'm quite curious to see how that goes :)

And I can't wait to see who takes down more ornaments this year Tommy, Jack, or the cat :)

Happy Holidays All!!!  I hope you are having as much fun going into this wonderful season as I am!!

{One thing we did learn this year is that tagging a tree early to return to cut later is essential - as all the trees we fell in love with were claimed...next year we will get it right!!}


  1. Love the tantrums at the tree farm! Have fun decorating it! We got our tree up this weekend too. And Aidan is already tugging on the lower ornaments - eek!! I guess I forgot about that part!

  2. I am so jealous of your fresh tree. Mine is fake and prelit- but I do love it. What's a holiday memory without a tantrum anyway?
    Thanks for coming by my blog- your suggestions for my party were fantastic!
    I am a huge fan of dips too!!!

  3. FUN! We got our tree this past weekend too!

  4. Have fun decorating tonight :0). So far the score for ornaments take down at our house is: Kitty:2 Boys:0 , lol.

  5. Heehee...yep, that pretty much sounds just about right! :) Great looking tree!

  6. Oh how I wish I wasn't such a chicken about getting a real tree. The whole cutting down and looking for that perfect tree is so appealing to me. I will put that on my list of things to do before I die:) Cute pictures.

  7. how wonderful to go and pick your own tree - I have never done this! (I'm too OCD to deal with the mess)

  8. Hi Liz, it looks like we were doing the same thing this weekend. We go to Rossi's up in cranston, which is where we always go. How about you guys? Our cat has been going crazy all over our decorations, so I know your pain. It's all worth it though, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

    I don't have it in me for the black friday thing either, but I did send my hubby out:)

  9. I love that you have a real tree. Because of family allergies, I have to be satisfied with a fake one. Cute pictures.

  10. Can't wait to see what it looks like decorated! We normally cut one, but this year with Matt's visits home so short and few between, we opted to just get one that was already cut. It's up and decorated, and T only broke one ornament in the process :)

  11. Your tree is beautiful now...I'm looking forward to seeing pics of it once it's decorated.

    I wish we could have a real tree...alas, too many of us have allergies...*aaaachoooo!!* Sorry...*snifff*...I'm allergic to cats, too!

    We have our tree up and decorated, but I still have the rest of the decorating to do. I could've done it this afternoon, but I took a nap, instead! ;-)

  12. Love your layout and new pics. Also, can't wait to see who wins the holiday ornament contest either. I'm wondering how it will go around here with Yaya this year. A little taller, a little more curiosity and ATTITUDE as you saw in her cool chic pics.

  13. What a beautiful tree! Ours is and will always be a fake one. One whiff of a pine needle is almost certain to trigger an asthma attack in our house. Boo hoo.

  14. Great Tree!!! We're seriously considering a fake one we have in the garage and generally use for decorating outside. Dude - trees are expensive! Hope you're feeling better by now!


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