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Things haven't been going great lately - and I've been down...therefore I have not blogged (I feel like I should just schedule this intro to a post every couple of months as these moods seem cyclical).  Now don't worry - we aren't any worse off than we were a month ago (although right now I don't feel like we're any better either), no one is ill or hurt.  We are all home and warm, and all the male types of the household (cat included) are soundly sleeping.  But things are just wearing on me lately {things I may have mentioned and things I know I didn't}.  I think its the changing weather - well not so much the weather but daylight - and the constant discussion about baby #3 (will we - won't we - it changes daily....and I KNOW what I want!!)....

SOOOOOO....that long intro brings me to these pictures - not necesarrily recent or exciting, but these are the faces that keep me going.  These are my reasons for pushing through difficult work days and stressful times.  This is why I cry it out - email my bratty whining to my sweet friend - wipe my tears and move on - these are my little somethings (that seem to quickly be growing into big somethings) that make me happy :)

He makes "plumbers butt" look good!!


Reminds me, I need to get them new Christmas PJs

Oh how I love my boys
So sweet and cute

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  1. Cute little ones make a lot of the hurt go away. I hope things look up for you soon.

  2. They grow up so fast...

    Hoping things will start to feel better soon.

  3. In regards to the third, you could just be majorly surprised like we were! HA! Seriously, I hope you come to a decision soon. We were in limbo too, until... God seemed to make the choice for us! : )

    Hope you feel better soon, those boys are definitely a reason to cheer you!

  4. Sorry things have gotten you down:(

    Those boys are sooo cute!!!

    Praying things start looking up for you soon:)

  5. Sorry things have been so blah lately. If you need any help getting ready for the craft show let me know. Baby girl seems content to cook some more and I am going crazy trying to occupy myself. I knew I shouldn't have gone out of work so early! Argh!

  6. Those pictures are so cute. I know how you feel somedays are just like that...whenever I feel that way I can never pin point why...i just feel blah. Weird...huh?

  7. It must be the season, everyone seems to be feeling down. I am glad that you realize that your boys are wonderful and worth it all.
    As for #3. I would highly recommend it. I was at my wits end when my #3 was born and wondered what I'd gotten myself into, but now I can't imagine life without her. And now that my 2 older girls are in school I would be awfully lonely without her.
    Very nice post for the upcoming holiday. Maybe they really have Thanksgiving this time of year becuase everyone gets depressed and we all just need a little refocusing so that we actually feel like giving out Christmas presents.
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  8. {{{Hugs}}} And those are definitely reasons for smiling. How could you look at those adorable faces and not smile?

  9. So sweet. I love when those little butt cracks show on my kids too! Hope things take a turn for the better soon.

  10. So sweet. Love the plumber's crack. I keep a bulletin board with pics of my baby and family in my cube to remind me why indeed I keep on, keepin' on...


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