Randomly Rambling from....

....(you guessed it...) Kansas City.

So first let me tell you about my night....the short version....it sucked....now for the long version

Dan got in touch with me around 7:30 pm - Jack was sitting on the couch while Dan was doing dishes - all of a sudden Jack started screaming uncontrollably and putting his fingers in his mouth and grabbing at his face, he then threw up twice.  It took Dan 20 minutes to finally get him calmed down and settled.  At that point (as he was unable to get in touch with me) he called his mother, who came right over to help Dan and keep an eye on Tommy so Dan could focus on Jack.

By the time Dan was able to get in touch with me his mother was already there.  Jack was still uncomfortable, but calm and playing.  We just weren't sure what to do - and the fact that I couldn't see him was killing me!!!    Jack was so stuffed up at this point, I was really afraid that he had found and swallowed something!!  Dan was sure he didn't.   He called our ped, fortunately the on-call was a doc that we know and like (usually its one from another office who I don't really care for).  He was very kind and gave Dan some good suggestions to help clear him up and make him comfy.  Dan ended up spending the night on the recliner with the little guy so that he could sleep on Dan's chest.  This morning he is diong much  better.  He is with my mother now, still really stuffed up, but better (and currently sleeping ;)  At the moment we are opting out of the Drs or ER as we fear what he could pick up there!!

Talk about feeling guilty and horrible and terrified.  I already feel so bad that I have to go away - to not be there when my baby needs me is awful.  to know he feels so ill and may be sick or hurt and I'm not there.  To not be able to see him, to see what he looks like while he is going through this is terrifying - the worst scenarios circle through your mind.  

What scares us more?  2 children in our area have died in the past few weeks from swine flu....one fell ill on Friday and passed away on Saturday.  We are trying hard to not buy into the mass hysteria and the hype, but these facts scare us - and this flu scares us.

Being a parent is basically, in a word, scary!!!


Now on to happier things....what can be more random than this?

Yes that is a GIANT badmitton shuttle cock.  There are three of them plopped down in the Kansas City Sculpture Park, like some giant with a temper got mad during a game and slammed them into the earth.

And this makes me so happy....

Those are old beautiful bail and wire canning jars - my friends were cleaning out their basement (of their house where her Grandparents used to live) they had boxes and boxes which they gladly passed on to me!!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am by these!!


Know what I am doing this weekend?   Going out....with girls!!!  Our friend has invited a bunch of us over to celebrate her new gorgeous couch, have some yummy drinks, and just generally be girls together...I CAN"T WAIT.  I go out without the fam so infrequently and suddenly to have the Aiming Low even and then this.  I almost feel like a human with my own identity again!!!


Well I started this in Kansas....am finishing it in Ohio (Cincinati if you must know).  Almost time to board the plane and finally go home....you have no idea how ready I am to go home, see my babies and eat something that was cooked by someone I know and love!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to Sat too! I wish I would have my hair cut by then, but that has to wait till Wednesday now! Woo hoo!

    Sorry Jack isn't feeling well. I hope he is better now. I'm sure as soon as he is with mommy he will be just fine.

  2. Glad to hear the little guy is feeling a bit better now and got a decent night of rest. I know you will be relieved to be back home with them. Take care!

  3. Poor baby! Glad to hear that whatever it was took care of itself without a trip to the doc.

  4. I can't imagine how scary it was to be away from Jack while he was sick. Hoping he is doing much, much better today. And major score on the vintage canning jars :)


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