Some BOOOOtiful Family Time

{So how freakin' creative am I with that title :)}

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We have been going all weekend (well since Thursday actually) really do you expect any less from us?!

Saturday morning, however, I woke up feeling horrible and cruddy.  Spent much of the morning sleeping on the couch - until my amazing hubby woke me up with a warm breakfast and steaming cup of coffee {isn't he the best}.  Fortunately the food and some medicine did the trick!!!

I could go on and on and on about exactly what we did {you KNOW I could!!}  Instead, as I am still on the recovering end of things...and don't feel overly wordful...I will spare you my typical tomes and just share the photographic highlights...


Yard work is fun!!

Jack O' Laterns!!!!!



  1. fun weekend!!! and such cute costumes!

  2. Aww - hope you are feeling better now!

    You must have visited the same pumpkin place as Kam? :)

    Love those costumes - your boys are hands-down adorable!

    And the yardwork doesn't look much like WORK with those smiles :)

  3. Love the costumes...especially the banana peeking out.

    Since your boys like raking leaves so much, want to send them to me to work on my yard? The grass is buried.

  4. I love their costumes. So cute and yea for leaves. WE love raking leaves, but really don't have any in our yard since they cut our tree down. Boo hoo. No more leaf pics for us. Glad you felt better.

  5. The boys are adorable in their costumes! What a fun last few days, even if super busy. Hope you are back to feeling 100% soon.

  6. Those pictures are AWESOME!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  7. I love that Monkey costume and I'm glad it fit (even if it did squeeze his little bum)! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Those jack o lanterns are AWESOME! I LOVE their little costumes! Evan was a monkey too!

  9. Holy Jack o lanterns! I LOVE that picture!

  10. oh man we were so crazy busy over the weekend too! I just chilled today - I was so tired - and I'm still sick!

  11. Love the booty pictures of the boys in costume!! And that banana in the back pocket is hilarious!!

  12. Wow, look at all those amazing jack-o-lanterns!!!

    And the boys looks fantastic in their costumes! :) Hope you are all well now!

  13. Hope you are feeling a ton better by now.

    If nothing else, those darling costumes must have surely picked you up. They sure did for me. Great, great pics!


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