Sound Off

In the last few months I feel like I have gained a lot of new followers...you have no idea how I am touched by the fact that you want to read what I want to write....

I know I am wordy and if you have been reading, you know so many of the goofy little details of my life...

But many days I feel a tinge of guilt...I feel dreadful that at times I just don't know who is following me anymore...sometimes I don't know who is new when I look at my follower list and who isn't.

So now I am asking (begging) you....pop out and say "Hello".  Leave me a link to your blog, tell me a little bit about yourself, whatever you would like to say...

One of my favorite aspects of blogging (especially in this past year) has been getting to know so many wonderful people...I feel like I have lost sight of that of late.

Over the next week or so I am making it a point to post less and visit more, reinsert myself into this community I so adore.  I would love to start with all of you :)


And now a quick update on Jack.  After I posted the other day (I mean right after, within minutes of hitting post) I got a call from my hubby.  My poor little guy was having a hard time breathing - fortunately the Dr was able to get Jack in as soon as my hubby was able to drive him there (we LOVE our ped - they always make room for our sick little ones).

Official diagnosis - still just a bad cold, made a lot worse by asthma (causing bronchial spasms).  So now we are home with a nebulizer to use every 4 hours until we see significant improvment - AND flovent inhaler to use for the rest of the winter.   We are so happy it is nothing worse, but it was so scary for me to live all this out over the phone.  When I finally got to see my little guy he was his same bright goofy self.

And the real silver linings - first off, my trip that kept me out of work for several days, also kept me away from the coworkers who are all now home with H1N1.  Second, Jack's issues this past week (the fact that a simple cold hits him so hard because his asthma) bumped Jack into the high risk category and he is able to get the flu vaccine that we strongly feel he needs, next Tuesday by appointment!!  As frustrating and scary as this past week has been for me - looking back we are very fortunate and very blessed!!!


Now...back to you...I really mean it, Sound off and say HI!!!!

(b/c I hate posting without pictures:)


  1. HI! It's Me! Somehow, I don't think that's what you meant. LOL!

    Glad to hear Jack is feeling better!! Have a great day!

  2. You're probably sick of me by now, but I'm here. Friday was my last day of work and I am sooo happy! See ya tonight. What time you getting there?

  3. You know that I love your blog and that I check you out. I have been MIA from commenting and posting for over a week...I feel that "GUILT" too...its OK tho...bloggers are sooo forgiving because we don't see each other face to face...except you and KAM all the time!!! LOL !!!

  4. Okay... so sort of a 'roll call'... right? LOL So I'm here. I'm very hit or miss with my own blogging and even coming to visit other peeps blogs. I'm more regular on twitter. So what was it you asked? LOL

    Okay... "HELLO". My blog is http://doingthemathcountingmyblessings.blogspot.com/
    And you know me from twitter (graceslick91).
    Humm... a little bit about me... Working Mom, returned to college (am I crazy), 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful husband. Live in Florida so we only have 2 seasons... HOT and Hurricane. So I LOVE love LOVE it when I see others talk about autumn and such. Okay... anything else you want to know, you'll have to trip me up on twitter or come visit my blog. HA

  5. Hi! I guess I'm semi-new. I'm kinda a stalker, in that I tend to read blogs on breaks at work or late at night, so there's not tons of time for commenting, so I'm trying to spread some love tonight.

    My blog is http://www.amberpagewrites.com ...I'm a new mommy, a copywriter, and all around crazy lady. I love this blogging thing because it keeps me from feeling too alone in my isolated corner of the world!

  6. I'm just a stalker who reads your blog and never comments. I am still semi new to the blogging world and still trying to figure it all out. I enjoy reading more then writing. I have 3 babies, 7 year old Emma, brand new 3 year old Chase and almost 4 year old Landon. I work full time and a domestic violence shelter (3rd shift) and the rest of my time is spent sleeping or with my chidlren. I write all kinds o crazy stuff on my blog, my mood changes daily and so does the blog. my blog is www.wolfepartyof5.blogspot.com

  7. I love reading your blog. I am a working Mom with 2 boys and I enjoy reading your blog. It offers me support and laughs. Thanks for blogging

  8. oh bless his little heart...my son has to use a nebulizer whenever he's sick. I hope he's feeling better soon.
    I love reading about your boys and life. And thanks for recently commenting on my "ask me" post...I'm answering your question in my next post.

  9. I Love reading your blog, yet rarely comment. I'm from Idaho, met you through the Sisterhood, and so wish that we could meet one day in person :)
    My site is boisetwit.blogspot.com


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