To The ER Nurse

I am joining Julie and the Foursons this week, as I discovered that the ER/Hospital gives great material for a fun Meme like this....

Letters of Intent


Dear Distracted Mom at the ER,

Yes your little boy is sweet and cute - but he is also in the ER, I am assuming he is there for a reason.  Please pay attention when he walks up to my baby (who is already sick enough to be at the ER as well). In that moment, I don't care how sweet he is or that he wants to play, all I care about is keeping my boy from getting something he doesn't already have.  Your coughing sneezing 7-year olds little hands trying to pinch my baby's cheeks are not welcome!!!

The mother who paced around the waiting room while holding her son so that he wouldn't catch your son's germs

Dear rude ER Nurse,

It was all I could do to ask you the other night if you had kids, if you knew what it was like to fear for them, and make decisions that you thought were best, as you called me "Mom" and looked at me condescendingly.  Yes he had a fever, no fevers don't scare me...as I said many times, and as the other nurses (both before and after you noted) my son was NOT BREATHING RIGHT - maybe you thought I was being paranoid and over reacting - but I knew my son was in trouble - not breathing right is nothing I take lightly.  It was all I could do in my exhausted (and slightly smelly) state to bring my finally sleeping, slightly drugged up little boy up to you as you sauntered out on your way home and have you listen to his raspy breathing and yell in your face that this little guy you so willingly shrugged off has pneumonia, and his mother you dismissed is angry but I didn't, instead I held my sick little man as he slept.  I am sad for all the other mothers and children who you have also so quickly dismissed, I am sad for the tears that you have probably caused by your callousness.  FYI...you are an ER nurse at a children's hospital - if you don't like paranoid (caring, good) mothers find a new job!!!

Pissed off mommy

Dear Hopsital Food Staff,

Why exactly do you send us a menu of choices for a little boy?  You obviously don't pay attention to them.  How exactly does apple juice, a banana and pancakes turn into ham and french toast?  As for the grilled cheese, while I did enjoy it, my son would have been more likely to eat the pasta and meatballs that I ordered for him.  I don't know...maybe its hard to do, maybe you ran out of food....maybe you shouldn't send out those menus and tease us like that....just saying....

Yours truly,
Confused Mommy of a Hungry Toddler


  1. ERs are not fun at best, hell on earth at worst! Sorry you had a bad experience, and good for you for not going off on that nurse! I bet you nearly bit your tongue off.

  2. I would be ticked off, too. Have you considered contacting the patient advocate on staff? It won't change anything that happened to you this time, but it could make a difference for you (and others) in the future.

    As for the inattentive parent, they are everywhere! I come across as mean-old-nasty mom for the very reason that I make my daughter keep her hands to herself around littler ones (except with permission, of course).

  3. Okay with that said...I want you to write me a letter on your blog...I am ready. what will be the title?

  4. I wonder if we had the same nurse at Hasbro?? The B*+&$ told me she wishes people would throw away their thermometers. I'm sorry, what?? If my 2 year old has a 105 fever and I've talked to my pediatrician 2 TIMES and THEY tell me to go to the ER, I am not just there for shits and giggles!! They need new jobs.

  5. YIKES! Truly ... if she isn't happy caring for families, a new work place might be a good idea. (((hugs))) Momma!

  6. oh no...sorry for all your craziness at the ER and hospital. Yikes. How rude of that nurse too. Mean people stink.

  7. First off- thanks for linking up! Glad to have you!

    The woman in the ER totally should have controlled her 7 year old a little better. It is ridiculous to think that it is OK for him to go around spreading his germs to other people. I mean really- if the was well enough to walk around and talk to strangers, then he was well enough to stay home. Ugh.

    I would totally be sending in your letter of complaint to the powers that are in charge of that ER nurse. That is horrible and she should be reprimanded in some form. Pneumonia is scary and I'm so sorry your little guy has it. I hope he recovers quickly and you all get to go home. We lived a nightmare when my son was 3 and contracted pneumonia. I won't scare you with the story now. I'll wait until your son is home and well if you still want to know at that point. But seriously- your son is hospitalized right now because he is very ill and that ER nurse should so be called out for her behavior.

    And a little insight into the menu thing. Right now your son is receiving the food that was ordered off the menu by the previous patient who had his bed. When that menu runs out they will then start serving what you ordered. If your son is released before they go through your entire menu choices then the next patient will finish out your menu. It's really stupid, but it's just how it works.

    Again- thanks for linking up!

  8. That nurse...good grief! It's so sad when nurses have no bedside manner. And I think I would have said something to that boy's mother! I hope your little guy is doing better.

  9. Stopping by from Foursons.

    I'm so sorry you had such a terrible time in the ER. I hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  10. That sucks!! Hope your son is okay now. Those stinking nurses (oh I can say that because I AM one)!! Not in the ER though thank goodness.

  11. Oh no! I am so sorry that you had to take your little guy to the hospital. :( I hope things get better soon!!!

  12. Yuck! What a terrible experience you had! ER are already not fun!

  13. The Emergency room is DEFINITELY NOT a fun place to be! There are other sick kids, who just might have something that your child has now come into contact with. The staff is not always caring, as they well should be. I've been there, done that. Hope I, nor you have to again anytime soon! Hope your lil' guy is feeling better! Pneumonia is NO FUN AT ALL!

  14. Oh no! I hope he's ok!
    I am usually unpleasantly surprised at how rude people who work in medical facilities are. Yes, there are plenty of exception, but if you choose to work with sick patients and worried loved ones, should a prerequisite be a decent bedside manner and some compassion and understanding?
    I'm guessing you were asking for much from her, and got even less - sorry for that!

  15. Thanks LZ - fortunately she was the only difficult one we dealt with that night - most of the nurses we have encountered at Habro (children's hospital in Prov.) have been wonderful. Other than her, we felt very well cared for that night.

    Shannon - We were lucky that we caught it very early on, and with the antibiotics and steroids Jack is almost completely back to normal. And so far it doesn't seem that we brought home anything worse than what we went in with!!

  16. How about, "Dear ER Nurse: I know where your car is parked and I'm going to kick your sorry arse by accidentally scratching it. Ahem. That might teach you some manners, no?" :)))

  17. nurses tick me off! - like when they say - are you a dr? Well, no lady, but my kid has been attached to my hip since birth - so I kinda know - you know like KNOW - when something is wrong!!

  18. Yikes... it's a case of "watch your step" when medical staff try to tell me that I'm overreacting. Then they "remember" (after I tell them of course) that our son has medical issues that mean we need to bring him in with a fever...

    Don't ever feel bad for being a Momma Bear when your kid needs it.


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