What a Weekend!!!

I would love to start this post with what we did Friday night - but to be honest with you that feels like weeks ago and I can hardly remember what happened!!

I do know that on Saturday morning the hubby let me sleep a bit.  And the boys and I had fun running errands together.

Saturday night was fantastic with a great gathering with some lovely ladies.  My friend Andrea invited a happy group of us over to enjoy some fantastic food and great conversation.  It was wonderful to get out and enjoy the company of other woman. {and let me add that Andrea is the perfect hostess - everything was wonderful - thank you so much for inviting me!!!}

At some point on either Friday or Saturday the boys also got to paint and color the little plaster monkeys that I had bought for them several weeks ago.  I absolutely loved watching them concentrate and color!!


{I think this is the point where Jack just started painting himself!!}

Sunday Poppy (my FIL) and Dan took Tommy to his first ever hockey game (the Providence Bruins - farm team for Boston) while Jack spent some quality time with his Bobo (my MIL).  For several hours I had quality time with my laundry pile, my sewing maching, and (unexpectedly) the lovely ladies at JoAnn's Fabric {that's a story in and of itself}

 {Tommy was a little overwhelmed}

{but had a wonderful time with his Poppy!!}

It really was an unremarkable weekend now that I look back - some family time, some fun, some cleaning...until of course Sunday night...

If you follow me on Twitter you are by now probably aware of the events....

Jack came home, shivering and miserable.  One look at him and we knew he was "off".  His breathing was not right, as if he had been running. Considering he had just had a breathing treatment less than 2 hours before hand we were concerned - so off we went to Hasbro Children's Hospital.

{Daddy and Jack watch silly cat videos while using the nebulizer}

In short, it sucked.  There is nothing good about going to the ER - the scariest part is all the other sick kids that seem to want to come over and say "Hi" and the parents that let them!!  I always fear we will leave with more illnesses than when we came in!!!

After lots of waiting, and one very rude nurse {and some motrin for his 103 fever} it was confirmed that he had pneumonia.  It took them several breathing treatments to get him comfortable enough to fall asleep.  {up to that point he was crabby and restless} and the frequency that he was needing medication for his breathing led them to admit him.  It was exhausting and scary...

But how blessed we were - we caught it all so early and got the right meds into him right away.  After some sleep, steroids, antibiotics, and breathing treatments, little man was good enough to go home with us Monday evening!!  Tonight, other than all the meds he has to choke down, you would never know he had been so sick!!

{The little man just minutes after getting back home - so happy to home!!}

We are all now finally {mostly} rested and returning to normal{-ish}.  Mommy is feeling a little junky - but better after a nap, thinking its just the exhaution catching up to me.

Good night all - it is already late and I need to sleep (for days if I could!!)


  1. So happy he is doing better and I hope you ALL are able to get some extra rest in over these next few days. :-)

  2. oh your poor little man! I'm so glad that everything worked out and he looked so cute painting himself up!

  3. Awww...bless Jack's heart! I'm sorry he's been sick. I hope he (and you) are feeling better now.

  4. What an awesome weekend..minus the er visit. poor guy. I feel that way about our Peds office. I feel like we go in and come out sicker. ugh. Glad he is better now though

  5. Such cute pictures! YIKES on the ER visit! Glad that he is feeling better and what a cutie!

  6. So glad he is on the mend and you are all home safe and sound. Can't imagine how scary it must have been.

  7. You all have been busy. Aren't girls nights out fun and painting with kids...always an adventure.

  8. Poor baby! I'm so glad he is home now and on the mend. Hope you get some rest soon!


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