Because Cleaning's More Fun

When you're wearing an apron...

I got my craft on last night and made this super cute apron for ME!!  (really - how many aprons have I made,this is the first one for me!!)

It has a few minor issues (that hopefully you can't see...and if you can don't tell), but its a prototype, and now that I have the kinks figured out I am ready to start making loads of these!!  (they are actually pretty fun to make!!)

(oh and it really really needs pockets)

(question:  do your husbands have as hard a time taking pictures as mine does?!  Although I have to say I do love him for stopping and taking so many for me - he was trying to get ready for hockey)

I am so happy the way the neck strap came out with the D-rings - I really wanted to try something other than a tie on, but I still wanted it to be adjustable.

And the gathers on the bib portion look funny lying flat, but I love the shape it gives when I'm wearing it.

Now maybe I'll be motivated to clean more....maybe...


  1. Supah-kewl! Love the cupcake design...but it wouldn't help me clean. Nope, I'd be wantin' to bake and eat. LOL!

    Seriously, I like the way you did the bib. Those gathers are an improvement to the comfort factor.

  2. Ha, I need to post the latest pics my husband took of me. The girls and I were dressed for church so I asked him to take a pic. By the third one, I'm just glaring at him because they were all HORRIBLE! What's up with that?
    I love the apron though!

  3. Great apron! I love the cupcakes. And pockets are great, too!

  4. So cute! Love it. Way to go Liz with all you have been sewing. I'm so impressed that you keep it all together with full time work, a family, and sewing!

  5. Awww. I LOVE it!!! I am an apron addict, I think they are so fun!

    At least your husband takes pictures, me kids are gonna think my husband was a single father when they look back!

  6. I would hate to get something that cute dirty. :)


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