Did I Promise You Tree Pictures?

Ummmm....yeah...I think I did....

Well even if I didn't.....

Enjoy some tree pictures....

Well mostly some tree decorating pictures

What?!  You don't decorate in your underwear?!

(and if you are wondering - the boys AND the cat have all been pretty good about the ornaments - some artful rearranging but nothing too severe!!)


{AND...please ignore the bins of clothes, unfinished ceiling, and other flotsam and jetsam in my entry...we put cleaning on pause to decorate the tree}


  1. What a cute tree! Did you make the tree skirt? And, well, why not decorate in your underwear? You only live once. LOL!

  2. Your header pictures always make me smile!

    Love your tree photos! And the only reason Itty Bit didn't decorate in his undies is because it is TOO DARN COLD here! :)

    And where on earth did you get that awesome tree skirt? And don't tell me you made it because I know you are crafty enough to pull it off - then I'll just have to cry because I am definitely NOT, LOL :)

  3. I thought you were sticking the baby on top of the tree! ;o)

  4. A Smurf ornament? I totally need one of those!

  5. Adorable!!! And I love your tree. :)

  6. Remind me we need to get to decorating our tree. Its been up since Black Friday with lights only. ;)

  7. I have the same picture with my son from last year (3) only he wearing ONLY Tow mater underwear and slippers...at least yours has a shirt on :-)

  8. Cleaning should always be put on pause when decorating the tree is concerned. You made a very wise decision here, Liz!

    Plus, your little boy sure seemed to enjoy himself.


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