The ER, The Snow, and The Big Bang!!!

{well maybe not in that order!}

It has been a very very long/busy couple of days here.

Poor baby boy is sick again - well not sick...has a cold...but apparently for this little guy that's all it takes.

He had been fine since the last episode.
Friday - we get a call - he has a low fever (99) and seems off at Daycare (now mind you he has hardly had any symptoms of anything up to this point other than not sleeping very well).  DH picks him up, he is retracting, having a hard time catching his breath, having to work too hard to breath - off to the ER they go.  A total repeat of the last visit - fever reached as high as 104 this time - in comes ibuprofen and tons of breathing treatments.  Finally, everything under control, little man is sent home - lots of new meds - and a warning that this could happen again {oh and the test from the last time confirmed it was NOT the flu - just a cold virus....just a simple cold virus.}

But we are home, and grateful.  We are lucky - things could have been worse, and we are blessed to have the boys at a home daycare with a caring and loving provider who is so aware of my boys and can tell almost as quickly as we can when they are starting to really feel ill - even before the fever hits hard!!

Now we know the signs to look for and know exactly what we need to do to keep him well at home, and exactly when its beyond us and he needs to go in.  I just wish we knew why this keeps happening to him and what makes him react so badly to a simple cold.  {we have some theories, working on getting the Drs to hear us out...Mama Bear needs to come out soon I think!!}


On to happier things....

The craft show on Saturday was fantastic!!!  {Baby boy was doing great and MIL came over to help DH with the boys, so yes I still went}

BANG! was fantastic!!  My only complaint was that the building was at one point used for Dog grooming and training - and there were still many remnants of that former use (i.e. dog hair and smell - the smell was faint, but still kind of there...ugh...)

The morning started slow - but by the end I did really well, met some great people, and got some great ideas for how to set up and some new items to make.

It was a great day, my mom hung out with me all day, and we managed to make it home before the snow!!

And now, to further my addiction to craft shows {I think I have a problem here} my partner-in-craft and I will be applying to another Boston show.  This is another one that holds great promise and we both really want to get in - wish us luck!!



Holy Freakin' Snow!!!

We got dumped on last night - and it is lovely!!!

It snowed all night and into the morning.  Tommy was so excited to go outside and help Daddy shovel {and I was excited to let him go out and exhaust himself :)}

We got at least 18" of light fluffy powdery wintery goodness!!  I heard we may get more this week - may even have a white Christmas (fingers crossed!!)

I could go on and on, trying to think of more creative ways to tell you how much I love the snow {when I have a warm house and warm fire to sit in of course!!} but instead I will just share some pics and call it a night!!

We did let the little man out too - he has been doing much better since Friday and was in tears when he saw Tommy go out without him.


  1. Poor little dude...wish I could snap my fingers so you guys could find an answer for Little Man! Tommy looks like he is in HEAVEN in the snow! Uh...maybe I should start wishing for snow to come when I am back at school ;)

    Lots of love coming your way! LOVE the bags and cuddle blankets soo precious! Now I know why you stay up all those nights to make them :)

    Stay warm sweet woman!

  2. So sorry for the little guy getting sick again! Glad you are looking into it (my mom is the original Mama Bear - completely worth it when it comes to your kids).

    Love the snow! And it sure looks like your boys do too!

    And as soon as I find out what my stinky secret-keeping friend is having, we'll need to order up one of those adorable blankets!

  3. My middle son has the same problem. Any little cold of sinus issue, we are most likely going to end up in the ER even though he takes Albuterol and Pulmicort every day. His asthma is just really bad. I feel your pain for your baby, it is really hard to watch them go through this and at time it is REALLY scary for moms.

  4. Those scary breathing illnesses are one of the few things I do NOT miss about my kids being little!
    His blue eyes are gorgeous, and your crafts are beautiful!

  5. I can't believe how much snow we got! Nate and daddy went out and played in it yesterday. I opted to stay warm inside with my mini one! She had no qualms about not puting on a snow suit and heading out! I wonder if I will ever like the snow.

    I am excited for the craft show. I will get the stuff made and take a pic of it by this weekend. I saw that we have until the first week of Jan to submit the photos so I'm glad I have a little time. I still have 5 more things I am working on for Christmas presents that need to be finished by Thursday!

    I hope Jack is feeling better. That must be a little scary. Any time they aren't breathing right it would freak me out.

  6. Glad to hear he's feeling a little better. How scary it must be every time he starts to get a cold. Poor guy.

    Yay on the craft show. Your setup looks great. Hoping you and Kam get into the next show. I'm blown away with how talented you both are!

    And can I say I am SO jealous of the snow. We've gotten less than an inch. I love snow! Love it. And I didn't get my fix last year, so I'm not so patiently waiting for some now.

  7. I'm so sorry your little guy has been so sick, I hope he is feeling better:)

    I am always impressed with your crafts; I can't believe how much you manage to do with your time. Everything looks so cute!!!

  8. Look at how stinkin' cute all of that stuff is! I am so glad it went well!

    And poor Jack. He has been hit too hard! I hope all of those episodes are over!

  9. awwww I hope he is feeling better now!!

    LOVE the snow!!!

    I'm glad the show was a good time as well. Happy Holidays!!

  10. Sorry he was sick but glad he is doing better!!!

    You have some awesome things at the craft show!!

    We got a tiny bit of that snow in SC.

  11. Your blankets are just lovely!


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