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So....I miss doing blog design.  Things are a little hectic right now, but I was thinking that after Christmas I might start doing design for others again.  I have learned a lot of new tricks and techniques and would really like to try them out.  I am planning a redesign here as soon as I can find some pictures that I like, and as soon as I can figure out what I want.

But...if you know what you'd like - or even have a rough idea.  And are willing to let me take a stab at it, I would love to do it for you!!  (the only thing you would have to purchase would be the digital scrapbook kit that you would like to use, these range in price)

I am not sure how many I can do - or how long it would take me yet.  It will really depend on what exactly you are looking for.  Leave me a comment if you are interested (and be sure that either your email is set in your profile so that I can respond to your comment or leave your email here).  And I will get in touch with you.

Like I said I really miss doing blog design - and I would love to get back into it if anyone is interested.

(right now the only example I have is my blog)

Happy Sunday All!!


  1. I have a blog that I am hoping to start and monetize next year. I own the domain, but have done absolutely nothing with it, so it is wide open to you if you want to play (although, I have no idea where you might find the time!!!) And, I really have no specific timeline, so no need to feel rushed. http://www.nhmamas.com/ Let me know if you want to play...

  2. I just got mine redone, but I think this is so sweet of you and boy if you had offered a month ago this girl would have jumped all over your offer, because I think you do an awesome job! I love your cute blog.

  3. ME! ME! ME!!

    I do pretty well with the banner and such, but I like the way that your sidebars are so neat and orderly and your FONT!

  4. I would love to have a new look after the holidays! Count me in if you have room for me.


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