No it can't already be Tuesday....oh...no it's not Tuesday....2:00 am...that means it's Wednesday...

The days are flying by and melding into one lately...I do not like the speed at which I am moving these days..

  • I am out of the house 7am - 6pm most weekdays.  Work is starting to suck the life right out of me...but I won't bore you with those details...

  • At home we cram in as much quality time as we can in the 2 1/2 hours before bedtime....then Mommy goes back to work sewing....I've slowly been seeing some success on my Etsy shop (yay) and I have a big show coming up on Saturday in Boston...so I have felt a bit slammed but I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with it (however slowly I may be going)

    • Saturday we met up with a lovely bloggy buddy and her family (they were up visiting in RI and made a point to meet us for coffee and donuts!!)  
    • Tommy and I headed to a local fire station to check out their new truck and see Santa - you want to see a happy 3 year old boy - tell him he can climb all over the big ladder truck and see Santa!!!


      • I did learn the trick this weekend to getting Tommy to nap.  I put on a movie - laid down on the couch and had him lay with me.  We both managed to sneak in a 2 1/2 hour nap!!  I call that a win-win.
      • We partied like rock stars Saturday night.  The boys came with us and were AMAZING!!  Jack fell asleep in our arms and slept on the couch all night - and Tommy hung out with everyone until midnight!!  He was so well behaved and was having so much fun - I did feel a little guilty letting him stay up so late, but that's the fun of the holidays right?!  I did have them dressed in their cute little white button ups, I was hoping for a Christmas Card worthy shot...I'm starting to think that just isn't going to happen!!

      • Sunday was a day to clean and relax, and for Daddy and Tommy to go ice skating, and for dinner at BoBo's...and some other stuff that I am sure I have forgotten.

      I think this is all I have for now.  I am hoping that after this weekend I will calm down a little - no more shows until the spring (I think I've said that before...this time I mean it!!)

      Maybe I'll even make some of the fun things I've been planning to make but just haven't had the time (like that diaper bag I promised that friend who already had her baby....whoops), and maybe some gifts for the boys.

      Good night all!!  I promise some day I  will be back a'visitin' and a'commentin'


        1. Good Luck with the Boston show this weekend! I hope you get lots and lots of sales. Love the Santa pics...what great memories.

          I enjoyed coffee and donuts and meeting your boys. They are so very adorable!

        2. WOW! 2 1/2 hour nap-I'm impressed!

        3. They are SO cute, Liz!! I am glad you guys are enjoying the holiday season. Take care and yayy for success with your Etsy store! That is awesome. :)

        4. You are mega brave to stick 2 toddlers in white shirts! I have vowed to never again buy Nate anything white! I miss doing the craft shows with you. I know that one I came to wasn't spectacular, but I wished I were there too! I'm looking forward to spring! Oh and don't worry about the diaper bag. :o) I can't go much of any where in this cold anyway! Ha!


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