The Weekend: In Pictures

Well other than the bad end to a good date, we had a fantastic weekend...well at least the little ones and I did.

Saturday was fun at Brown St Park for their Earthday celebration and park clean up, With my friend Amy and her two gorgeous little girls (Caitlin and Brooke). We all had such a good time!! I can't get over what a fun and cute little park this is!! Tommy and his little girlfriend Caitlin had a wonderful time running and playing....do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a 2-year old and a 3 year old in action.

Jack's girl, Brooke

Is this how you use a swing?

Caitlin knows how to do it!!!

Look over there!!!

I see you!!!
I don't want to leave the park!!!

I hadn't even started the car yet!!

Sunday we headed to BoBo's (my MIL). I had a bridal shower to go to near her house and Dan wanted to brew beer there so she could watch Tommy while Jack and I were at the shower.

Jack with his newscaster hair at the shower

Tommy's new slide at Bobo's

Waiting for Poppy and Bobo

Part of me is scared, part of me is happy they get along so well!!

Riding a bike like a big boy
Absolutely Exhausted!!!

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The Quilt Continues...

It is going slowly. I made some progress last Wednesday but put it aside to get a couple bags done for gifts and what not. I am hoping to get another night or two in this week with the quilt.

Most of my time during the day on Wednesday was spent cutting the strips. I was doing my best to be extra careful and precise, I realize this is where the trouble could come in, if my cuts aren't straight I'll be in trouble.

I don't have pics of the work in progress, but here are some pics of the fabrics I chose, I am really hoping they will look ok all put together. I was really trying to mimic the color palette of the original without completely copying it.

Its hard to see it, but I am in love with the light green fabric with the little flowers on it - its so cute!!

I am trying to plan a good night to work exclusively on this project. I am going to make it a point to get more pictures as I work, I'm kicking myself for not getting any of the cutting process itself. It was painstaking, but in an odd way fun.


The Date

The darling hubby and I were lucky enough to have all day together on Friday. We worked, we cleaned, we just enjoyed each other's company. And we prepared...Friday night was the long awaited date night!!

We shower and change, get all primped and pimped. We went to dinner, we went to our friend's bar and watched another friend's band. Then we headed up to Providence to go to our favorite little hole in the wall....and the bar that Dan's hockey coach works at. We saw a couple parking spots on the street, but then we noticed the wide open parking lot (red flag!!) and decided it was safer so we parked there...there were no signs, no baricades...just an open lot. A couple of hours of pool and hanging out and we were ready to go....sadly our car had already gone. 2 miles away to a tow lot!!! Fortunately for us, Coach was able to give us a lift to the ATM (of course they only took cash) and then to the lot....and fortunate for us it was not freezing out as we stood outside the gated lot, staring longingly at our sweet silver Jetta. A half out later, we freed our car, went home, and fell into bed.

I wish the storey ended there. Let me tell you that in the 10 years that I have known Dan he has NEVER puked, at least not that I am aware of. Friday night (actually Saturday morning....very very very early) he broke that streak. I was sound asleep when I felt him jump up and dash downstairs. Poor guy was sick all day on Saturday. Fortunately I had already made plans to be out with the little guys all day so he could just stay home and be miserable. We are even more fortunate that it was actually very short lived, by Sunday he was much much better!! We really aren't quite sure what it was, but we think it was mild food poisoning.....anyway.....

That's how we do it....never a dull moment for this family...even when we just have a quiet date planned!!

May Day Giveaway


As I eluded to last night I am taking part in the New England Blogger's May Day Giveaway, hosted by Elizabeth at Thoughts From an Evil Overlord.

So of course I am giving you the chance to win this...
One of my stripey mini tote bags. The finished size of the bag is 9 inches tall by 10 1/2 inches wide. The bottom and straps of each bag are made from heavy duck canvas and topstitched for added durability. I have to admit that I have been using one of these bags all weekend and I love it!!! It is the perfect size for quick trips and errands and is so bright and cheery!!

The winner will have the option to select from a variety of fabrics for their tote!!

In addition to the tote the winner will also get a lovely surprise gift inside!! (I just love surprises)

The Rules:

You do not need to have a blog to enter, just be sure to leave your contact information in your entries

I am sorry but right now I am only shipping to the US and Canada

To enter once all you have to do is leave me a comment (easy enough)

For additional entries
- Follow my blog for 1 additional entry
- blog about the NE May Day Give Aways for 1 additional entry
- Play truth or Dare with me for 3 additional entries (click on the Truth or Dare Monkey)

Truth or Dare

- Post about my blogaversary game of Truth or Dare (complete with button) for another 3 entries.

Be sure to leave me a comment for each entry, as well as a way to contact you if you do not have a blog or if your email is not enabled.

Winner will be selected using Random.org on the evening of May 1st.

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I am simplifying life...here there and everywhere.

If you were to walk into my house right now you would see the mess of organization. Us trying to rid our lives of the excesses and simplify our posessions....how much do we really need.

I have decided to simplify my blog life as well. I have tossed out my Working Mom blog. While I was getting paid to write it, I did not like sacrificing my work to someone else (they retain ownership of what I post there). It was feeling too much like a poorly paying job opposed to a fun blog for me, which was my original intent. I am also going to be pulling my 101 journal and my photo blog into this one. While I like having these separate spaces, it has become too much, and so often I have crossover between this blog and those, and I never know where to go with them.

I love being busy (can you tell). I love having things to do and places to put them...but this has gotten out of control. It has been fun having so many...but now I realize it is too much!! I imported all my other blogs last night...which is why some new posts have shown up here, like my recipe for Chicken Crostada...which I highly recommend (and partially stole from Live.Love.Eat!!).


We had another busy fun filled weekend (is there any other kind?) I am dying to share pictures, but we are still at my MIL's house and while I may have found myself some PJs here I do not have a cable for my camera and my pictures are unhappily trapped in there until I get home. Stay tuned for some weekend updating tomorrow!!
Also be ready to see a post tomorrow about the NE Bloggers May Day Giveaway!! I am excited for this one - there will be about 13 bloggers from the NE area hosting giveaways on their blogs.

Thoughts of an Evil Overlord


I've actually been working on my quilt this past week. I will update on that as well...as soon as I have time...I don't know though....will I ever have time?
I hope you all have had a glorious weekend as well....oh and don't worry....I will fill you in on the date ending with my car being towed and my husband suffering from (suspected) food poisoning....
(how do you end a date?)

Last night

I am the featured Creative Woman this week over at The Blond Duck.  Head on over there to check out my interview and meet another fabulous blogger!!  And welcome to all those visiting from the Duck Pond!!

I discovered that two vodka tonics ( my drink of choice) are officially two too many!!


But really last night I realized that my marriage isn't about the passion, its not about the heat or the moment, or that thrilling stay up all night conversation.

My marriage, my love, is about this one person other than me.  This wonderful person who I can tell anything.  The only one that knows my every secret and does not love me in spite of it but loves me because of it.  The one who can listen to my secrets, who can read my lips in a crowded room and know what I have said.  The one who laughs with me, at me.  The one who makes me smile even when I want to just be angry.

My marriage is about me and the one person who never makes me feel judged, who lets me yell and scream and hugs me anyway, its about my lovely husband who loves me for me, faults and all. 

I love my marriage, and I love my husband.  I am so glad we got to have our wonderful date night together (even if it did end with my car being towed....don't worry I'll fill you in later...)


A Beautiful Afternoon

Tomorrow morning the boys will be leaving the house by 8am...they will be out of the house until Saturday when I go to pick them up. I will miss them, but I am looking forward to some time to clean and some time to be with my honey.

Today, however, they were home, and this afternoon when we were all back at the house we packed up the car and went to the park to play and just enjoy each other thoroughly.

This is why my page is being filled with monkies
because my life is filled with monkies

This is why we try to hide the sharpies...I much prefer soap!!Fortunately we caught him before he colored much more than himself (face included) and the TV..oh and if you are curious diaper wipes do a great job of getting sharpie off a toddler.

Good Night All!!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Random Ramblings

Every Thursday my buddy Brooke posts her Random Ramblings for the week....and I love the idea. I played along last week and I am going to play along again today.


I have realized that I have become so obsessed with blogging and taking pictures of just about everything. This realization occured last night when my husband walked in the room while I was photographing my dinner. The fact that he didn't say anything, like taking pictures of a dinner plate is the most normal thing ever, that really drove this point home.....but really I am perfectly ok with that.


I am so excited to go on a date with my hubby tomorrow night. We are going to dinner and then to a bar that our friends just bought to see a band that another friend plays in....I can't wait to get out!! Although I am sure by 10pm I will be ready to be home in my jammies :)


Saturday the boys and I are meeting up with a friend and her two girls for some fun in the sun at the Earth Day festival in Providence. I can't wait to get out and hang out with another Mommy!!! And since her daughters and my sons are destined to be married some day its important that we all see each other often :)


My blogaversary is coming up in a few weeks. I really hope many of you will play truth or dare with me. I already have a couple of dares, but I would really like to see more....I love the idea of going out and doing something fun and silly....and completely embarrassing my husband, who will be my unwilling photographer. Please help me embarass my hubby!!

Truth or Dare


It has taken me two weeks to get some of my blog redesigned and I'm still not done....I wonder if I will ever have the time to sit and finish it?


I often wonder what makes people follow my blog, what makes me follow others as well?  Why do I feel sad or offended when I loose followers?  I started this blog as a way to record my life as a mom of boys, but it has definitely grown....this then makes me wonder how many of you have also started your blog for the same reason....how has it changed?  How have you changed?


So Brooke...I went forth....I rambled....now friends....ramble with us, its fun!!


I'm Inviting You For Dinner

...to make up for my gaffe.

Please enjoy some chicken
Yummy roasted chicken

With fresh baked bread

A nice green salad and some steamed broccoli

Don't worry, we'll also have desert....

Fresh and yummy strawberry shortcakesStrawberries cut and prepared this morning,
fresh whipped cream (whipped by me)
and homemade biscuits of course.

So why am I sharing my meal with you, what was my err?

In the past month I have been blessed with several awards - and if nothing else I have failed to mention the kindness of the lovely ladies who blessed me with these awards. So please grab a plate, pull up a chair, and go visit these wonderful bloggers who saw fit to share a little love with me.

Melissa at....My Little World


Kelly @ Raising Delia and Elyse @ Following him both gave me this sweet award


Jamie @ Kids Me & RAW III

And just today she also gave me

awwww.....she thinks I'm awe-summmm.....blush


So I will apologize again...I am cheating a bit....I can't decide who to give these to so I am giving them to all of you to spread the love and cheer a bit.

I hope you have enjoyed the meal....now I am off to work on my quilt...a bit...maybe...

WW: My Heart Melts

So these are the amazing pictures we had done over the weekend....this is just 4 of the many that I love!!

The best part of this picture is it was mostly spontaneous, we had asked Tommy to hug Jack and he said "no"...then a couple minutes later he walks up and just gives Jack this big hug!!

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My Quilting Project

If you have been following my blog for anything more than a week you would know that I am falling in love with sewing....actually it is becoming a bit of a welcome obsession.  As I've started sewing more my aspirations have changed.  I have set my sights...higher maybe....or maybe just towards a different horizon.  I am less interested in my own wardrobe as I once was

This is the intended outcome of my current project.  
(click on it to go to the Purl Bee to see the tutorial I will be following)

I spent much time (and a little money) at Jo-Ann's today buying my supplies.  I wandered the aisles, the stacks and stacks of fabric, trying to find my own color pallette (still similar and sunny).  As I type the fabric is going for a spin in my front loader.

I realize that this will take much time (ha), patience, (ha ha), and space (ha ha ha ha....) but I've decided to try it anyway.  And I'm inviting you along to watch...this will be like either watching the creation of a beautiful piece of art (hopefully crossing fingers) or like watching a train wreck in slow motion (like the decline of Brittney Spears).

If anyone out there is an experienced seamstress/quilter any tips, tricks, or advice are gladly welcome.  To date this is the biggest project I have ever decided to tackle...but hey....go big or go home!!!

Well....here goes nothing....wish me luck!!!


Weekend Update

So we definitely were not as ambitious this weekend as we were last.

My weekend started by me racing home Friday night so that my darling hubby could head out to the season opener for the Pawtucket Red Sox (Boston's AAA team). Of course tired mommy fell asleep on the couch after he left, and the boys managed to trash the place!! Bedtime couldn't come soon enough...I tucked them in, said "goodnight" and made my way down to the office. All was quiet, so, foolishly I thought all was well. Then my Mommy-sense kicked in and I decided to go check on my sweet little angels. I started up the stairs when I saw him. Sweet Tommy, so good, so innocent, so covered head-to-toe in thick as playdough fun foamy soap. Smiling sweetly at me he said nothing.....so of course I told him to stay put (in the bathroom) and got my camera....and my phone....hubby was going to get a picture to see what he was missing out on....

Tommy was so proud

He kept showing me his hands

This of course meant an impromptu shower for Tommy and I....have you ever showered with a 2 year old....we don't have a choice here, but I can tell you it isn't fun. Foamy soap to distract them would make it easier....unfortunately we have run out of it!!

Saturday we had a 10am appointment to get the boys pictures taken and then headed off to my MIL's for some fun and to work on our cars. The cars never happened but we did have a good time, saw some sweet friends, and Dan and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a nice long walk while Tommy slept and Jack played with his grandparents. (we collected tons of pictures for the photo hunt -see my photo blog-)

Sunday was a stay at home work on the house/yard day. A nice family day. I am actually a little sore now from all the yard work and playing....so off to bed I go...

Oh...and because it just wouldn't be me if I wasn't redundant....go here to play truth or dare with me for my blogaversary, it will be fun, you can laugh at me, and by playing along you will increase your chances to win a prize!!

What? Doesn't your toddler drink out of the jug too?!