You Know You Wanna Know

Or maybe you don't....

Please help me as I will be away for three nights next week WITH my laptop but WITHOUT my blog foddor (aka my children).  And as my creative (writing) well has seemed to run dry...I need YOU!!!

A few of my friends (new and old) have done this recently so I thought I would too (you know me I want to be a cool kid too)....

ASK ME ANYTHING....that's right...anything.  Nothing is off limits....

I have several new followers (hi friends) and many old ones (hi friends) and I am sure you must want to know something about me....

So come out of hiding (you know who you are....) and ASK ME ANYTHING....and please....give me something to do while I am stuck in a cruddy hotel room!!!


My Weekends Are So Busy...

...That I look forward to Monday so I can go to work and rest...

well wait...that's not quite true.  But it definitely has not been a sit on our butts and do nothing couple of days.  I am thinking next weekend (between trick or treating and tagging a tree we might be able to sneak in some extra naps)

Saturday's escapades and outings were very much self inflicted...the exhaustion from being up with a cranky hyped-up-on-albuterol 19 month old were not.  But regardless off to my hair appointment I flew (after waking up very late and taking the fastest shower known to man).

Then a return trip home to abscond with the oldest of the two little men so that he could join me in the trip to Kameron's to get a cute costume for Jack, and the trip to the fabric store (one of his favorite places), and then  the trip to the grocery store.

{one thing I did learn on these trips is while bribing a three year old with m&m's at store number one may seem genius, the moment the sugar from said chocolates hit the 3-year-old at store number two, the idea doesn't seem so brilliant after all!!}

A whirlwind dinner, an attempt at cleaning, and I am sure some other activities that are long since forgotten, and the hubby and I finally find ourselves in bed, asleep {until of course our little one decides that 3 am is the perfect time for a coughing/screaming fit!!}

Sunday morning - ahhhh....we get to sleep in....so relaxed...until we realize that to make it to the orchard in time to meet our friends we will have to leave in 15 minutes....HA!!!  So much for bacon and eggs for breakfast!!

We get dressed, we get out - all children and blankees...and parents...grouchily loaded in to the car - only 15 minutes behind but the friends must wait a little longer...without coffee and money we will be useless.

And to the orchard we go

we pick apples

we throw apples

we taste apples

we play with 4-wheelers

and go for hayrides

and everyone is happy

until we have to leave of course!!

And its homeward bound.  Time for lunch (the bacon and eggs we previously neglected of course) and maybe a nap (but really?... no)  Definitely some cleaning - and a little Harry Potter watching - and some leaf raking...until its time to leave again...

Off to the trunk or treat.  To get Tommy's new costume, see Nana and Poppa, and try to teach the boys that Mommy really likes chocolate and they should take that instead of the lollipop when given the option (sadly this lesson hasn't sunk in yet)

And then its back home...only slightly sugared up - after a quick hamburger from McDonald's in lieu of dinner (whoops) - and into PJs we go

Bake a pie

Off to bed for the boys

Off to hockey for daddy

Off to clean, sew and prepare for the work week for Mommy....(and try not to forget to get things ready for the Aiming Low even Monday night)

....And then Sunday night just too tired to even post this...tuck it away...

Monday night go party (after a long day of work)....forget to take a single picture, but have a lovely time with friends new and old...

Tuesday....work....blah....home....yay....nap....double yay.....and finally get a chance to blog...

See...there....now don't you feel relaxed too?

EDIT:  I was trying to figure out why so many bloggers were posting WW posts on Monday night....then I realized somehow it was Tuesday night....I knew that at one point...I think...

Well Angie...it doesn't get more Wordful than this!!


When Left Home Alone

This is how Daddy and Jack occupy their time....

What would they do if we didn't have photo booth?!


Holy Crap is That What He Looks Like?!

We fought it as long as we could...but this poor kid could hardly see anymore...it was finally time to cut his hair...I mean really really cut his hair.  (he's had a few....but not like this)

He wasn't too happy when he heard what was going to happen

How can you not love that face?!

I love what a wonderful difference such a dramatic cut makes....although we already decided (we being Dan's cousin who cuts his hair and I) when Jack gets a little older we will try the long style again

Tommy also got a trim...although not as dramatic :)

After the tramatic event that is the haircut (although I must say the boys did AMAZING - no tears, no fighting....they were fantastic) and the even more tramatic trip to Walmart.  The boys ended their evening with some yummy apple slices and their Cars DVD, while Mommy and Daddy did their best to ignore the sorrounding (and ever growing) mess in the living room!!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Kelli



I hope you all haven't given up on me - I feel like it has been too long since I last posted (okay so only 5 days but for me that is A LOT!!!)

If you are wondering where I have been - mostly it has been a lot of this

See my new displays

It was a little windy that day - so things are looking a bit blown

I have some new creations

(a minky backed patchwork scarf)

(A minky cuddle blanket)

(key fobs)

(cutesy little aprons for young and old)

And have spent a lot of time on Etsy...though not nearly enough time - still so much more to post.

The big craft show is done - 4 weeks at the Providence Open Market are over and {almost} a success.  With nothing to do until December 5th (if you live in RI/MA look for me in Canton).

I hope to do some of this


But probably won't

as my project list is a mile long (visit fabulous friends who have not forgotten me, finish quilt, make curtains, make canvas log carrier, make knitting needle roll, make crochet needle roll, make fleece hats for boys, finish posting on Etsy, hang out with my husband, go apple picking, make an apple pie, make some apple bread - not necessarily in that order...)

yeah...who am I kidding....I think I'll sleep next summer....

(and yes if you are wondering...that wonderful green dress form is the one I made here)


Some Thursday Randomness

Another day, another post of randomness...


I am so excited to go to a bloggy event in Boston in a couple weeks!!  I keep watching from afar as friend attend events like BlogHer and Sitscation...finally it is my turn.  Aiming Low is hosting the event and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!!!

Fortunately hubby is being very cool about the whole thing, especially since it means I will be going out on a Monday night when he often has hockey games.  We don't know if he will have one that night - but he has already offered to skip the game so that I can go.  He is so understanding of the fact that I need to get out alone every now and then.  I really am a lucky gal!!

Now I just have to figure out what to wear (ugh) and how to handle the logistics of getting ready after work, but not at work and not driving home!!  (that and I have to get over my crazy nerves over being at an event where I won't know most of the people....scary!!)


As I mentioned earlier this week, we went pumpkin picking this past weekend - what we came home with were two gigantic pumpkins (really - together they weighed 39+ pounds!!)  we let the boys paint one, the other was for Mommy to carve.

I had big plans - it was going to be elegant and pretty...and then Hubby stepped in.

"I want something more traditional" he said

"fine, pick out a stencil online and I will carve it"

this is what he picked...

Now I ask you...since when is Blue (of Blues Clues fame) a traditional Halloween Jack O Lantern?!

And do you know how hard it is to transfer from flat piece of paper to large round pumpkin...and then to carve it?

AND I'm actually not even done carving....it seems that the pumpkin is so thick I have to carve out a lot more if we want blue to glow. {I don't like to cut all the way through....I actually bought fun pottery tools for the sole purpose of pumpkin carving several years ago}  (I told hubby it is fine the way it is....he wants to see the boys reaction when they see the darn thing glowing....yay....)


If you are wondering - the no cable thing is going very well.  We get a little more done around the house, have more dinners together at the table, and the boys are so much better behaved.  We still do watch a bit, and the hubby and watch our favorite shows online when they are available (hulu.com and tv.com have everything).  We are definitely glad we did it.  The only thing we miss right now is Backyardigans.  That was our nightly winding down before bed show - finding that new bedtime routine has been kind of rough


I am so excited about some of the new fun things that i have been making that I haven't shared with you all yet.  I have been sewing and crafting like a mad woman this past month for the Providence Open Market and Saturday is the last day!!  I can't wait to have the time to get pictures taken of everything and get them up here and on Etsy!! 

I finally had my first Etsy sale - last Saturday I had someone request a custom bag.  Its pretty exciting....now lets just hope it is one small pebble in a huge avalanche of orders.  I love making all this stuff but I need people to make it all for!!!

I have also finally come to terms with the fact that listing on Etsy does not mean that I will have any sort of garunteed or immediate success.  I have been talking to different vendors at shows, and reading as much as I can about sewing and having a successful shop - I have a lot of work to do, but I am determined to get there.  I am so in love with sewing - I love the creative process, the stitching and cutting, the admiring a finished product (even when they fail ;)

That said...I am off...I have a boy to tend to and lots of sewing to do :)

Happy Thursday all (and go say hello to Brooke - the lovely random thursday hostess)


The Apple Pie-lette

So I posted a quick pic, but didn't do it any justice.

After our fun long day on Sunday, I decided a chicken pot pie was the perfect warm dinner (plus we had a roaster chicken and a baked potato left over from the other day that needed to be used).

I made the pot pie, and realized that I had one lovely, lonely pie crust remaining (yes I buy my pie crust...I do know how to make it, I just don't like to)

So here is what I did....

It was incredibly easy to make....

But I will warn you, the measurements are all approximate, as this dish I did not measure much!!

Heat your oven to 375

Peel and slice 4 medium sized apples and place in bowl (I like macoun for this recipe as they are firm but not tart - they hold their shape when cooked which is very important since we do not use a pie pan here)

To the apples add 1tsp cinamon, 2Tblsp sugar, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, and 1Tblsp flour.  

Toss the apples to coat well.

Grease a cookie sheet large enough to hold a pie crust when rolled out.  (I used Trader Joe's pie crust this time - I highly recommend them.  I find they are a little pricey, but by far the best pie crust available!!)

Place your pie crust on the cookie sheet and start to arrange the apple slices in the center, be sure to leave a 1 1/2 inch edge, as you will need this to fold up.

Don't worry if all the slices don't fit {these left over slices make a wonderful snack while you wait for the pie-lette to cook}

Cut 1Tbsp butter into little pieces and spread over the apple slices.

Fold the edges of the pie crust up over the apples.  The apples will not be completely covered, but be sure the crust is on top of the apples, not just against the side, or else it won't hold.

Sprinkle sugar over the top of the entire pie-lette and place in the oven.

It took ~20 mins at 375 to cook.  What you want to watch for is the crust to turn a nice yummy golden brown...basically when it looks done, it is done.

Remove from oven, cut, enjoy nice and warm {maybe even with some ice cream}!!

{A couple of notes:  Again please remember the measurements are approximate.  I basically went from memory of a traditional apple pie, the only thing I tried to increase was the flour so that it wouldn't be too runny and could hold up on it own.  If you find this is a little runny, next time increase the amount of flour you use.  Also be aware of the variety of apples that you use, an apple with firm flesh is best for this, macintoush apples, for example, are very soft and could mush too much when cooked and not hold the shape}


Pumpkins Galore!!

Have I mentioned yet that I love fall in New England?

Well if I haven't....I do....

We had a lovely Columbus day weekend here - the Open Market was a big ole' bust for me - I won't even start to go into it.  The only thing I will say is at least my new set up looked nice with my new bag display.

Sunday on the other hand was a great day.  We slept in late (very very late) and then we went Pumpkin picking, and cow train riding, and corn maze gazing, and tractor riding....everything fun that you do in the fall.

I can't believe I actually got them both (almost) looking at the camera!!

Of course we had to end the day with some pumpkin painting...

And some mandatory fall baking (pie shell with apple pie filling - had an extra pie crust left over from chicken pot pie)

Totally off topic... Jack and I are snuggling on the couch watching Concert for George (tribute to George Harrison) Ravi Shankar's daughter is playing the citar now - it is by far one of the most amazing things to watch and some of the most beautiful musical pieces I have ever heard.   If you like music, especially something exotic to our western ears and amazing to watch.  I highly recommend getting (beg, borrow, steal...well maybe rent...) this amazing concert on DVD!! (and if you watch it...keep an eye out for Tom Hanks!!)


Random Rambling

Once again randomly rambling with Brooke - and happy to say its not from Kansas City again!!


My dear friend’s 5 month old nephew passed away last night.  It was very sudden – please say a prayer for my friend, her sister, and her family.  They have all already been through so much this past year – he was such a light in their lives, my heart is breaking for them. 


We are once again getting ready for the Providence Open Market.  We had actually planned to go last weekend as unreserved (basically show up and hope there is space) late last week we changed our minds…I am glad we did – there was horrible rain all day Saturday and they actually ended up cancelling the market since the weather was so bad.  I am really hoping for a gorgeous day on Saturday – We have some new displays to put up and a ton of new products, I’m pretty excited.  It is exhausting getting ready for these shows (I have been up until at least 1am every night this week) but they are so much fun and so worth it.   Next Saturday will be our last show until next spring (I think).  Now I just need to get pictures of everything so I can post it all to my Etsy shop.  I really would like to take the winter to focus on advertising and getting my Etsy really going.   It is so hard to get decent pictures and figure out what to write up when I post my products.

I am really looking forward to this break between shows – I have a few new things that I really want to work on that I haven’t had the time to do and I really need to work with the embroidery  machine – I still don’t have the process down and have yet to produce something of quality (but I’m getting there!!)


I am thrilled that I once again (and hopefully for the last time) re-organized my sewing room last night.  Now that cable is gone – we took the TV out of that room – I can’t get over all the space I have now – its wonderful!!  See…


Speaking of cable – its gone and I am happy.  We definitely didn’t miss it last night…well hubby did once the boys went to bed and I was working.  I told him its time for him to pick up a hobby.  He already reads a lot, but he was looking for something else.  I told him if he wanted I could find him something to do (ie laundry, dishes, start building my kitchen shelves) but he didn’t like my ideas


On another crafty note…I am hoping to host a bag party at my friend’s house sometime soon.  The plan is to take samples of the bags and (possibly) aprons I make, and let the guests pick out what style and fabric they want.   I really think it could be a lot of fun…what do you think?  Would you be into a party like that?


So now I am off...time to sew - and I am happy to do sew in my newly organized room!!