365 - Week 2

I can't believe I've actually made it two weeks!!!

Day 8

Jack and a new favorite toy.  Its a Little Einsteins pen/wand - plays music, lights up, all that fun stuff that parents toddlers love!!

Day 9
We are trying to teach Jack his colors - what better way than by using toy cars.  Such is the life in a house with boys!!

Day 10

So we have a guest photographer for Day 10.  We were at my MILs last Sunday and Tommy got a hold of my camera - he managed to take quite a few pictures before I noticed.  I do have to say he is getting pretty good at finding what he wants to take a picture of, aiming the camera, and taking the shot.  I would really like to find him a good kid friendly point and shoot for his birthday in July.

If you are wondering - these are framed pictures from my wedding - the one on top happens to be Dan and my Dad.  I thought it was a fun shot (and definitely better than all the ones I took that day!!)

Day 11

A rare picture of Dan.  He was enjoying the post bedtime quite with a little Wii time (Rayman Raving Rabbids if you are wondering)

Day 12

Being 3 1/2 is exhausting!!

Day 13

For me this one is particularly exciting.  I posted this blanket last night to my shop and it sold today - AND it was my first international sale!!  Some little lovely will be enjoying this little lovey in Bulgaria!!

Day 14

Big brother is sleeping, Mommy's paying bills, and Daddy's on the laptop, what is a toddler to do?

Play in bubbles of course!!  (now if I could only teach him how to do the dishes!!)

Please ignore the mess behind him....I did

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PS...sorry if you were confused by the blank post....apparently after a year and a half of this blogging stuff I still don't know what I am doing!!


  1. Bubbles!! That photo is priceless...

  2. Love the elephant blanket - wow, Bulgaria??? Cool! And the last picture is great!

  3. My kids have a little Vtech digital point and shoot. They have dropped it several times and it still takes great pictures. I would highly recommend it!
    What a great bunch of pictures you have. And what a fun way to teach the colors, I need to do that with my three year old.
    And how exciting that your quilt sold that fast, I'm not surprised, it's beautiful! I love, love the elephants and the colors that you picked are perfect!
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  4. I love this pictures!! Can't wait to see next week. It'll be fun to see how much the boys grow over a year

  5. I am so stinkin behind on blogging. I won't be able to keep up again until I go back to work. Ha! That favct alone cracks me up. I love that last picture of Jack. He has the cutest smile!

  6. I love the second picture...my house looks like that all the time! Cars everywhere! And don't you love the after bedtime quiet! That and naptime are two of my most favorite times of the day:)

  7. So much to comment on...first I love the pic of the cars. My mom says that lining things up like that has something to do with developing math skills. So not only is he learning his colors, he's working on math too. No wonder he's tired (are you impressed with how I got the other pic in?)! :)

    The bubbles shot makes me laugh. What a face of glee!!

    I actually really like the pic of the frames. It's a cool angle and even cooler knowing it was taken by a little. Looks like a camera would be and AWESOME b-day present this summer! :)

  8. Bubbles, the best toy in the world!!!

    Great pictures.

  9. Great pictures! I am doing the 365 also. I think come the end of the year I will be so tired of it but so so glad I did.

  10. That blanket is SO cute, no wonder it sold so fast. And the smile on your little guy in the last one is great! Looks like it was a fun week! ; )

  11. Your boys are so cute!! Love to see them. And that blanket is adorable! Congrats on the quick sale!

  12. Wow! an international sale! I'm impressed. cute little one.

  13. I don't know how old your little budding shutter bug is, but we got my son a casio exlim for his birthday last year (he turned three) and he does pretty well with it. It is a fair bit better than the kiddie ones, but it is a REAL camera. That is my thought on it! Great shots too! Way to go on the whole 365 thing!

  14. Great job! These are cute shots. I have managed to keep it up after missing day 3. We'll see how long I last. :o)

  15. Great pictures. I love the ones of your boys.

  16. Colors by cars, perfect way to get it through to a little guy. :)

    Love the exhausted picture. Too sweet.

    I love that elephant fabric. I have a blanket using it in my Etsy and have made another 2 with it before that. Soooo cute!! Congrats on the quick sale!

  17. Hooray for two weeks! Only 50 more to go! I'm so glad you've decided to do this, and that you took time to share your pictures with us this week.

    I thought your toddler actually WAS do the dishes. And then I thought "Is he for hire?" :)

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