365 - Week 4

Day 22

Last Friday morning we had problems with our heat
As in we had no heat....
So when we got up, the boys got to stay in their PJs
And snuggle on the couch to stay warm
While Mommy and Daddy tried to get ready
{in an odd and fortunate twist of fate - 
the other boys at daycare wanted to have a PJ party
so my boys were perfectly dressed for the day!!}

Day 23
Tommy loves to curl up in odd places
Under the end tables, in an empty cabinet
and, apparently on the bottom shelf of the book shelf.

Day 24
"What chocolate?!"

Day 25
Oh how I love decorative stitching on itty bitty baby blankets!!

Day 26
A patchwork scarf
On my new dress form
Is it weird...
That I hate her for being skinnier than me?

Day 27
In our house this is how Daddies and boys have fun,
By throwing, or being thrown, into the couch

Day 28
My favorite non-work shoes...
I LOVE these shoes...
I wish you could see the wedge...
they are Dollhouse shoes....
and they got wet in the snow...

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily

Sorry, friends, if I have been absent from your blogs lately.  I miss having the time to read and comment, but right now I seem to have less time than ever!!  As I mentioned last week, we will be moving soon(-ish) and between trying to figure out those details {One of these days I will share more about the move, just not ready to yet...sorry}, working my 9-5, raising 2 young boys, and trying to keep up with my sewing...I just find myself struggling to find the time to really hang out online like I would like....{these days I feel like I hardly even post anymore!!}

Hoping for a calmer life one of these days!!


  1. Day 24 made me LAUGH! Oh, that look on his face!!!

    I think I need a no heat/snuggle day. Or week.

  2. I hate her for being skinnier than you :)

    LOL about the chocolate. heehee

    LOVE your shoes! They look comfy too.

  3. LOVE the shoes!! Where are they from? I may have to get a pair!

  4. Awww, well we miss you. I am impressed that you have kept up with the 365 project though... I wish I could do that.

  5. what a cute idea...and the boys...oh the boys are sooooo cute!!!!

  6. I love the stitching on that blanket:) And that scarf is so cute!

  7. Hang in there! Things will get easier soon.

    Love the rounded toe shoes. Those are the kind I like to wear, too. They have stuff at Walmart that you can use on the leather to protect them from water. Makes water bead up and roll off. I'll pull my bottle out and share the name. It's liquid...and oil...not a paste.

  8. I love your week : ) How great is pj day! And seriously, those shoes are fantastic : )

  9. Ooooh LOVE those shoes! Very cute! And I love the "what chocolate" picture. Very nice scarf too!!

  10. I love to make cute stitches on blankets too! Having an awesome sewing machine helps. :o)

    Your picture of the boys and daddy made me smile. It's a lot like that at my house!

    I hate your dress form for being skinnier than me too.

  11. Day 24 is hands down my favorite!

  12. I have a few kids that love to curl up in places like that. And what a look on his chocolate covered face, priceless!
    Totally understand hating the dress form. :)
    If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

  13. Great shots -- the one in the bottom of the book shelf fascinates me -- kids do some VERY uncomfortable things.

  14. LOL. Day 24 made me totally laugh out loud!

    And I am loving all of the beautiful things you are making!!

  15. Looks to me like you had a great week! Love all of your pics. My favorite is day 27. I can remember being thrown by my dad when I was a little girl. It was so fun!!!

  16. Those shoes are so cute!

    Hope things start to smooth out for you, I'm sure they will soon!

  17. I have been missing too. Sorry. Love these pictures. That chocolate face is so cute.

  18. I love that photo of your son all curled up...kids can be so funny!


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