Have You Ever?

Been so mad at your husband that you wanted to scream {and maybe you even did?}

Wanted to pull your hair out when your kids were screaming your name{each other's name, loud and senselessly}?

Wanted to squeeze your child into last years pants so you could replace the 5 year old pair that you are wearing  {maybe with some new shoes too}?

Played deaf and blind when everyone needed you {for milk, cereal, dinner, attention}

Fed them cereal in a bowl and milk in a sippy cup because it was easier to fall back asleep {on the couch} and now worry about a mess that way

Looked forward to your night out to get away, just to get away from them, even it if was for a quiet dinner with a close friend {and enjoyed it immensely as quiet as it may have seemed}

Skipped bath time because you just didn't have the energy {and prayed no one would notice their dirty knees}

Just cooked that frozen pizza/box of mac and cheese/cheap waffle mix so that you wouldn't have to think of a healthy dinner

Have you ever held your sweet baby in your arms while he was sleeping and forgot about it all.
Been the one to comfort, the only one they wanted, the arms they longed for, been the one to heal their hurt {and in turn your heart}

Have you ever realized that you are Mommy and there is nothing more perfect, more beautiful, and more important than that?

{and have you ever silently promised yourself and your children that you would be a better mother...but probably still give them dry cereal so that you can sleep a little later...or is that just me?}


  1. :) good mamas take time for themselves too!

  2. Um...maybe? Or maybe not. I can't really confirm or deny ;)

  3. Thanks Liz!

    That was just what I needed today, because that was just the kind of day I was having!

  4. cold cereal....naw...I just have my 7 year old make waffles for everyone - lol

  5. Maybe, just maybe, I have done pretty much all of those things!


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