The Lists Return

Its been a while - I liked doing these - why did I stop?  Oh that's right...I have no time!!!

Happy List

  • I have amazing friends and family
  • I have a job
  • My husband has a job
  • Other than the occaisional sniffle and cough (and breathing treatment) my family is for the most part very very healthy
  • I have a husband who I love and who loves me
Not-So-Happy List
  • Money sucks
  • Circumstances I can't control suck
  • Having no money sucks
  • Making big decisions is no fun and scary!!

To Do List
  • Buy storage bins at Walmart while they are on sale 
  • Put laundry away
  • Clean upstairs bathroom
  • Revive my 101 goals in 1001 days
  • Post the pile of finished items to my Etsy shop
  • Fire up the sewing machine again {its been a little under a week - far too long!!}
Things that make me laugh List
  • Toddlers who {not so quietly} sneak out of bed and scamper to turn their little lights on to read in bed {really if this is the worst they do, I'm ok with it}
  • When Jack chases the cat, yelling his name, completely confused at why Tony (the cat) won't play with him
  • Whenever you ask Tommy a question lately and his answer should be yes, he says "Of Course!!" {as in "Tommy, would you like to go outside/read a book/go shopping"  "Of Course!!"
  • Jack now asks everyone "What you doin'" - its very cute
  • Jack thinks every color is blue 
  • Tommy learning that time to play without your little brother sometimes means you have to play very very quietly under the table in the playroom
  • The ancient Star Wars sheets on the spare twin bed at my MIL's house {the sheets that my husband slept on when he was a kid - still in great condition and put to good use by my boys when they sleep at Bobo's house}
  • The suitcase that I opened the other day that was full of clothes, my clothes, from my last trip to Kansas - in the beginning of November...whoops :) thought I unpacked that stuff!!! At least now I know where those jeans went!!
Well...now that was fun, somewhat therapeutic.

We might be making some big changes, but we aren't positive yet.  A lot in our life is up in the air right now...curious to see what turns things take.  Its hard when you have something in mind - a place you'd like to go with life, plans, dreams - and one big penny on the track manages to derail everything!!  But we are making decisions - and are, as always, going to continue to chug a long and go where we go.  I am just hoping that someday soon my creativity returns to me and I am able to blog more freely and sew again (I pile the fabric, I spread it out, I plan and plot and look at it from every angle...and still...I'm blank...)

So that's where I am right now, where we are right now.  Curious to see where we will be next....are you?

{Warning:  Gratuitous picture forthcoming}

With that I say..."Goodnight!!"


  1. I need to revive my 101 list too!

    Here's hoping your decisions come easily.

  2. The cat thing...for some reason, munchkin still hasn't figured that out in 8 years.

    Good luck with the decisions you are facing and with your 101 in 1001 goals.

  3. i love your "thinks that make me laugh" list! Aren't little boys the funniest:) I have been in a crafting rut lately and I really need to get out of it. My sewing machine and hot glue gun haven't been used in weeks!

  4. This is a really good idea. Really puts things into perspective. Isn't it awesome to have a husband that you love and knows loves you? I love that!

  5. I love when they start asking "Watchya doin'?" Well, it gets a little irritating after a few days of being asked incessantly, but it's still cute.

    And sleeping kid pics are the best!

  6. Great list! That picture of your son is adorable...oh, and my MIL still has Star Wars sheets too - and SUperman!

  7. I bought a bunch of those storage containers at Walmart! I'm in the midst of chucking, sorting, storing...the fun never ends.

    The lists are great! You're right...they are therapeutic. They also help to keep things in perspective. Actually, I might need to give them a try!

    Looking forward to hearing about these big changes. :)


  8. Still laughing about your boys' newest sayings! So cute when they start with those great little comments that make you giggle!

    And I'm thinking you should try some of those fabric accent kitchen towels? I got one from a bazaar for Christmas and LOVE it. Didn't get the girl's name and now I want more. They are super absorbent with a great little designer touch with a ribbon. I know you could whip those right out :)


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