The New Boots

We are having a true New England winter.

A winter like the ones I remember having when I was a kid.

I love it!!  And I LOVE that Tommy loves it and wants to play in the snow every chance he gets!!

What I didn't love is that his budget boots fell off his feet every other step.  Want to piss a 3-year-old off.  Drag him inside to change his cold wet socks every 10 minutes when he is trying to play in the snow.

Well I finally bit the bullet.  Pulled out some fabric money (money from the business goes back to the business at this point) and went to LL Bean (just like any good New Englander would do...helps that I pass LL Bean on my way home from work)

Tommy got new boots...nice new boots.  even better new boots with a great warranty - if they fall apart before Jack can wear them - Jack will get new boots too!!

But the sweetest, and most special part was, after trying on his new boots and stomping around the house, totally unprompted, Tommy walked up to me, gave me a big hug and kiss and said "Thank you for my new boots Mommy!!"


  1. How sweet! His response surely made those new boots worthwhile, even if they didn't have a warranty.

    Enjoy the snow and please don't send any here. :-)

  2. New snow boots.....something that isn't ever on our shopping list. :)

    Cute pictures.

  3. How adorable!! My Chase did the same thing the first day he got his new boots, but I wasn't quick enough to grab a camera. I just love that shot of him sleeping with boots....

  4. Well I posted comment and not sure where it went so here is a re-do!

    Oh how sweet! I miss my kids being little! I am from Georgia and they are saying we may get some snow this week! YAYY!! Have a great day..Blessings from Georgia!!!

  5. What a sweet little guy! I love the picture of him all cozy in his new boots. I think I might need to make the same LL Bean journey for my oldest as well, her feet just won't stop growing...

  6. I hate the snow! Nate has only played out in it once and he might be a westcoaster by blood because he wasn't too thrilled with sledding. He did like eating the snow, but that was about it! I love that Tommy fell asleep in his boots! Too cute!

  7. LOVE the boots! I can only WISH for snow like that!

  8. Got a funky error the first time I tried to comment, so trying again :)

    I wish we were having a winter like that! I love snow. On the other hand, T is a real pill when it comes to getting bundled up to play outside. Nothing can touch her chin, which means some days I simply won't let her out then. And she hates her boots. She cries before we are even out the door. The first pair is from a mom2mom sale, and they are LLBean too, but they don't stay velcroed very well. Her other pair are a good pair of wellies from her auntie with winter sock inserts. She simply does not like boots on her feet! Crazy kiddo.

  9. So, so sweet. What a good mommy you are to get him so great new boots.

    DId I tell you that I moved?


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