A Question for My Baby Wearing Friends

Meet Jack

He is cute

He is sweet

And He LOVEs to be held by his mommy

And generally I am more than happy to oblige, being fully aware that some day he will be too big and too cool to be held by his mommy.

So here is my dilemma - how can I hold him and still get stuff done.

I have a ring sling that I love,

but it just isn't practical for me to carry him in and try to clean/cook/etc.

What I am looking for is a baby carrier that will allow me to carry my 23lb (give or take a few) baby. preferably something inexpensive, something I could purchase used, or something I could make.

I would love to hear what you suggest - or if you have a friend that wears their toddler and they have any suggestions I would love to hear it all!!


  1. Awwwwwwwww, he lurrrrrrrrrves his mommy. My little wiggle monster wants to be on the go all the time. I miss the snuggles. Ah ha

  2. What about one of those wrap things that you can put him on your back?

  3. I don't wear the kids anymore...sorry no help, but he is adorable in that sling.

  4. I was at a mom 2 mom sale last spring, and a mom was wearing her toddler on her back in a mei tei carrier that she made herself. She gave me her email, because I was going to have her make me one, but she never responded back. I know you could easily make one yourself. Her toddler was 2, and looked of average size.

  5. My vote is back cary with a mei tie (simpler) or Wrap (snugger but more difficult to tie with a wiggly toddler)

    But I am not a baby wearing mama, just a baby wearing babysitter :)

  6. I'll be checking this one out. Tucker loves to be worn too, but he is almost too heavy! I have something similar to a Mei Tie and it doesn't hold his fat hiney very well.

  7. I still use my Hotsling, which is a pouch (and I think there are online patterns to make them) to carry around my 25lb almost 3 year old. I use it as a Hip mostly but also can turn it and hold her on my back (this may not be one of the "recomended" positions, but it works for us) It makes some things easier!


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