The Post That Almost Wasn't Titled

Sadly I have definitely been ignoring my 101 goals in 1001 days...I have decided I need these goals right now and its time for a little goal revival. {it is the time of year, after all, for goal setting and a little life readjusting right?}

If you want to see my full list, check it out on my right sidebar.

For now I am going to do some updates on goals in progress or that have been completed since the last time I did this list.

I think next time I will go over some of my missed goals and some that I want to reconsider and maybe plug some new goals in (believe me I have a million more things I want to accomplish rattling around in my brain)


101 Goals 1001 Days

08/08/2008 - 05/06/2011  

For Our Home
2. Make curtains for boys’ room
    we have plans to give the boys a whole room makeover, especially now that they are both in toddler beds.  I am on the hunt for bedding this weekend and will probably start the curtains as well.
5. Organize all CDs in 400 disc player
we can call this one complete thanks to my hubby (how about I claim that I told him to do it and that's just like doing it myself ok?)

20. Make/post/stick to cleaning schedule
I was doing so well with this one, and then all the trips to Kansas and some other issues derailed us.  Its time to get this one back on track

For My Health/Body/Mind
26. Keep a journal of my 101
I was doing this in a seperate blog, but I have decided that I would rather just continue it here.  I have imported all my 101 posts from that blog - so I'm saying I'm on track with this one!!
28. Get Back to Wedding Weight
Well I got there, but now I am dealing with surprising and unexpected weight gain (as in I am surprised that my bad eating habits have caught up with me ;) time to get this butt in gear!!
29. Read 50 books total (6/50)
I know I've read a book or two recently...just can't remember what...I guess I won't up the count here until I can remember what exactly I have read!!
30. Watch no television for one week
Well we did get rid of cable...but we still watch movies...need to fix that I think!!
31. Eat no chocolate for one week
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
32. Drink nothing but water for one week

For My Family
46. Take family apple picking at least twice (2/2)

With this October's apple picking trips we can consider this one done as well!!
48. Decorate pumpkins we pick
 This is complete as well - again this past October

For My Wallet
55. Build up emergency fund (2 months pay)
This one is frustrating and yet wonderful.  We did it and then some...and then tapped into it when I lost my job this past summer, so once again we are at square one.  But at least it did for us what we needed it to when we needed it to!!

For My Planet/My World
70. Reduce our trash (to the dump output) by 20%

72. Make improved compost bin (using wooden pallets)
didn't use the wood pallets, but have improved our composting, have about 60 gallons that will be ready for the spring.

For The Craft of It
80. Participate in 3 craft fairs
I think I can safely say I have completed this one!!

For Fun
93. Organize all our digital photos
Done....I have backed everything up on CD and will also be putting them all on our external hard drive for safe keeping

So not too bad, I definintely have made some progress.  What I like about some of my goals is that they are easy to incorporate to my everyday life. 

As I went through the list there were definitely several that I will probably replace, this all ties into my recent hints at a big decision in the works for us...so I guess I will wait to a later date for all of that (since I am no where near ready to share any more than these little teases right now!!)

{and don't forget Thursday night is 365 photos in 365 days post!!}


  1. Good luck on your goals!
    I would like to make curtains for my daughter's room too. Spongebob just doesn't go with Princesses.

  2. OK, the guilt is starting to set in....maybe I should look at my list again....at least I've been thinking about how much I've neglected it! And maybe I should combine it into my main blog too.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. It sits there mocking me in my sidebar, but I have to give it a look and see where I'm at in my list!

  4. I have two of these lists and I've been horribly ignoring them. I think I need to take a look at my lists and see how they are going. Good luck on yours!!


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