Yearly Writer's Workshop....

What?!  Its weekly....I feel like I should have known that...

3.) Write a list of 10 things that can be done to stave off boredom.
(inspired by Lourie from 
CA Girl).

  1. Poke a sleeping baby {I don't recommend this if you don't like crying...or if the baby isn't yours to poke}
  2. Poke a sleeping husband {this one can be really fun....especially if they get the wrong idea and you just go back to your book/blog/staring at the wall}
  3. Poke a sleeping cat {seriously, if you sneak up on them and poke 'em right they jump a mile...garunteed 10 boredom-free seconds}
  4. Poke a toddler {but beware they poke back...with vigor}
  5. Poke a teenager {I've heard they can be fun and quite easy to pester...good for another minute or two I would think}
  6. Poke a sleeping dog {if its a happy dog you could have hours of fun and affection, if its a grumpy dog...well I am sure the car ride to the ER won't be boring!!}
  7. Poke a sleeping mommy {wait...don't do that....that's just mean...let her sleep....in fact forget about being bored, snuggle up and take a nap too...maybe even spoon}
  8. Poke you laundry pile {who knows, maybe one of these days your pokes will turn magical and all your laundry will be done with a single poke....wouldn't that be nice?!}
  9. Poke your sleeping husband a second time {seriously...why did I marry him if I can't pester him?}
  10. Write a list about poking things {trust me its good for about 14.83 minutes...by the end its hard to think of things to poke}
well that felt good....I definitely should try this a little more often no?

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Funny that you wrote about poking a sleeping husband - that's just what I did this morning...but not because I was bored, because he needed to get up for work, and alarm clocks are useless on him. The only thing that works is me yanking the covers off, which he of course griped about and told me he hates. He then proceeded to go back to sleep, and I let him, until I felt like poking him again after I read a few blogs. Tee hee. Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!

  2. Hehe, you missed poke yourself and say get butt in gear and do something productive. That's what I need!

  3. I'm forever poking the meat in the fridge to see if it's defrosted enough to cook yet. LOL!

    Poke a sleeping hubby? No way! I prefer a good old shove. HeHe!

    Poking 8 years old's is pretty fun, especially when they are asleep. They squirm and eventually start to wake up, then they grump and try to hide, then they start giggling. The bottoms of the feet are the perfect poke spots. :-)

  4. Too funny! I really wish my pokes where magically and could do my laundry and my cleaning for me:)

  5. this was funny. And know I know why my kids poke so many things. They are just trying to find something to do to get rid of the boredom.

  6. I am not a fan of poking. I mean real life poking sounds fun, but that Facebook/blog kind is SO annoying!

  7. LOL. Poking things can be good for the soul. ;)

  8. LOL this is one of the best entry I saw so far. Love it, love it, love it *off to poke my husband who's trying to fix our internet* LOL

  9. Poking to relieve boredom, hmmmm! That could work! LOL I laughed reading every bit of this post! thanks!

  10. You could poke a co-worker in the eye. I think of it daily while at work.


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