365 Photos...Weeks 5 & 6

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Well I am trying to catch up...but I will have some days missing still - have some film I need to get developed {really? who does that anymore :)}

Day 29
I started crocheting because, you know, I have so much free time on my hands!!

Day 30
Ice cream and cake
Day 31
 Feb 1
 Happy to be snuggly and warm

Day 32
Feb 2
The boys love to help with the laundry, and I'll take all the help I can get!!
Day 33
 Feb 3
 Later dinner - sometimes it's all about quick and easy

Day 34
Feb 4
{waiting to develop}
Day 35
Feb  5
 {waiting to develop}

Day 36
Feb 6
{waiting to develop}
Day 37
 Feb 7
{waiting to develop}

Day 38
Feb 8
{waiting to develop}
Day 39
 Feb 9
 Krispie Heart (for the boys daycare)

Day 40
Feb 10
My favorite fabric with my new favorite sewing tool {tracing wheel}
I'm really hoping to get the pics developed this weekend.

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 The Lovelies


  1. The Snuggly and Warm shot made me smile to my toes. LOVE the look on his face!!

    And NO WAY! You're developing film? For reals? Why does that seems so cool and vintage now? :)

  2. big super puffy heart that fabric...so cute!!

  3. Yummy rice crispy hearts! These are the second ones I've seen today. It's a good thing I am making sugar cookies this weekend, or I would have to go make some rice crispies!

  4. The "waiting to develops" crack me up :)

    I love rice crispy treats. I want to marry them.

    And that snuggly warm grin is priceless!

  5. I love that fabric! My imagination is going wild thinking of all the things I can make with it. :)

  6. LOVE the snuggie photo! Just adorable! And that fabric is GORGEOUS!

    I LOVE that you still use film! THAT is photography!!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures! And love that fabric, too.

  8. I love rice krispie treats...in any shape. And blueberries!

  9. Not sure if you can vote twice but I did. What cute fabric. That would make a great camera strap cover:)

  10. Love the snuggly and warm pic! What a sweetie pie! :) Hope your Valentine's Day weekend is wonderful!

  11. Love the pictures; especially the rice krispies treats! Yum.

    I think I have a roll of film undeveloped somewhere!

  12. How fun that you used some film this week. I have a few rolls I was thinking of shooting. I'm not sure I could handle the not knowing part. :)

  13. Wow Liz! I love your pictures during the week! So excellent! : ) How fun! : )

  14. love the simple meal--it's my favorite way to eat. I'm sure you have loads of leisure time to crochet *dripping with sarcasm* I love your fabric too. What are you making with it?

    Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  15. What great pics! You'll treasure them always, going back to look at them over and over as the boys grow up...

    Today is Bo's birthday. I wrote a post, and shared lots of pics. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Great pictures!

    Love, Love, Love the fabric and the heart shaped rice crispies!! How cute!

  17. Mmmmm ice cream.

    Love the little guy's blanket. I had to pause for a moment to figure out if he was inside a little sock of some sort. He's got himself covered there nice and tight. haha

    Love that fabric. I haven't been able to decide what to do with mine yet. I bought it when I went in for things I needed with purposes in mind. The birds I just grabbed because I had to. Now what to do what to do.


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