365: Weeks 7&8 {Feb 11 - 25)

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PhotoStory Friday
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With all this trying to pack and move stuff going on I seem to be having trouble fitting in my blog (booooo).  Last week i just couldn't do all the pics (edit and upload) so I figured I would do another 2 in 1.  {I just can't wait for this move to be over!!}

Day 41

Day 42
What mother takes a picture of her {almost} 2-year old 
crying while in time out?!
Apparently this one....
Day 43
{Disclaimer: No he does not drink coffee...he just loves to hold my cup :) }

Day 44
Looking for the cat

Day 45
Thanks again to a guest photographer 
(check out the fabulous Danielle over at Maz Mama)
It was from our fabulous day at the zoo
Something we need to do again!!

Day 46
Day 47
 Whooppsss.....Missed another day....is the "we are moving" excuse getting old yet?  If note I'd really like to use that one again!!

Day 48
In case you've ever wondered what it looked like to pack up a sewing room/office....well this is how it starts!!
Day 49

Day 50
Tommy LOVE his fish tank...and his new fish
{don't worry....
you can't see them here....
the fish are hiding}
Day 51
Oh the joys of getting outside
{and oh will I ever be able to get a picture of Tommy's face again
I think I might have to work on that!!}

Day 52
Day 1 of saying goodbye to my lovely dishes. 
I love these dishes....they were exactly what I wanted
But now they are packed away in a  bin for storage
Day 53
Day 2 of saying goodbye...
I find I am getting sentimental about things
These dishes were an unexpected gift
An attique store find by Dan's Aunt
She knew I needed them as soon as she saw them
She was right!!

Day 54
I promise its not just an excuse
I even wrote in on my calendar
in Sharpie!!
Day 55
I love this last picture
It was taken 5 minutes ago
It is late, Jack should be in bed
But he won't sleep
So he and Daddy are eating cereal
And watching Shrek
I Love these two!!
It is not the best picture I have ever taken
But is a wonderful capture
Of a wonderful moment
Between a father and his son

And now...one last thing...
I am going to beg again
See I am in the top 5 in my category
And with only a few days left to vote
Could actually win on "The Lovelies" Blog
But I need your help
ALL of you!!
 Please click on the button below
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It would mean the world to me :) 

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  1. What a stressful life you must have at this moment -- and you're still managing to get pictures (almost) every day.

    I'm very proud of you :)

    For some reason, the aquarium shot just cracks me up -- I think it's all the fish you CAN'T see :)

  2. wow, moving and still able to get some pictures in, I think that is impressive! Love you fabric stash!!! BTW, I voted for you. :)

  3. Fantastic photos, esp BECAUSE you are moving :)

    is it bad that my favorite photo is your son crying in time-out?

  4. DOn't worry about the time out pic... I take pictures of my kids when they get stuck in places, or get hurt. I always make sure to rescue them after!

  5. I love all your boy pictures. :) Even the crying one. It made me smile.

    Moving with little ones is an adventure.
    Best of luck with yours.

  6. Sounds like you have been really busy! I hope everything goes good with the move! BTW, I love those Rice Krispy treats! I made almost a million this year for Valentine's day:) I am going to vote for you now!

  7. The pictures of packing bring back awful memories for me. I dont' want to move again for a very long, long time. (I guess two cross-country moves in less than two years will do that to you!) And I love your dishes. I would be sad about packing them up too, but just remember that you will get to use them again some day soon.

  8. Your boys get cuter each day. Holy moly on packing! I could not imagine doing that with kids underfoot. Yikes! I love that last picture too. The Rice Krispy treats are adorable! Love them!

  9. Ugh....I can't imagine having to move. Such a pain.

  10. Oh and nice rice crispy treats. :)

  11. I love the Daddy/son picture! I too have taking pictures of kids during meltdowns. It is fun to show the pictures to them later. They usually get a good laugh at them. :) Good luck with your move - it is tough to do with kids!

  12. I have more than one pic of a screaming kid...one is framed and on my wall. Wonder how Evie feels about that...:)

    Good luck with your move. Just think how great you'll feel with it done!

    Yeah...the idea of how great I'd feel at the end never really worked for me either. Moving STINKS. Wish I could help! :)

  13. Those rice krispy treat pops look awesome!! Yum!

    And I'm the same kind of mommy fwiw. I figure it'll show them they weren't all smiles and cute when they were little.

    Good luck with your moving. Definitely an adventure and bittersweet.

  14. Great pictures! And we have the same calendar :D Good taste...

  15. I would take one of my kid crying....actually I have..oh dear. Some nice shots of your little one!

  16. I love those blue dishes too!

    And I used Sandra Boynton for decades to manage my life as a busy mom--your calendar shot made me sentimental.

    Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  17. I love the shot of him looking for the cat. and then next one is a great portrait.

  18. I haaaate moving! Good luck to you, I hope it's as quick & simple as possible.

  19. Good luck with the move That's so stressful! And those are fabulous dishes. I love that photo of your son crying...I totally take pics of my kids crying! Their expressions are priceless!


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