Gosh Dangit!!

{sorry...trying to clean up my language...have two little boys who think everything Mommy says is repeatable!!}

So so annoyed right now.

Carried my laptop, camera, and cable up to my bed where I longed to be

Downloaded Picasa AGAIN

Uploaded new photos {it took forever!!}

Tried to edit

And they aren't there

Picasa won't let me see them

I can't find them

I was so excited

Beautiful pictures to share

A fun Rice Krispie Treat Bouquet


Just my words tonight....

Sorry to dissappoint (Darnit all to heck)

But since you are here

And reading

I would love if you would go to The Lovelies

And put in a vote for my little shop

The Lovelies


  1. Your not the only one who has to watch the language or else a certain 2yo will copy you :o I would be uppidy if Picasa pulled a stunt like that with me too. Hope everything works out soon. I am so ready to see awesome picts!

  2. I hate that too. I hope they are out there somewhere.

  3. I had a hard time with Picassa on my computer too. Wanted to use it but it really messed with my pics and hard drive. I gave up and took it off my computer. I feel your pain because that takes a lot of time and patience.

  4. Gotta tell you...I have enjoyed getting to know you through the blog, and getting to meet you in person a couple of times. You are incredibly motivated and talented. I am blessed to consider you my bloggy friend.

    I really admire you for your candor and fortitude, your dedication and your honesty.


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