Happy President's Day?

I had every intention of posting these pics yesterday....
and posting today's pics...well...today...
(we did a chilly day at the zoo....but I guess I'll save that for Wednesday)

We are not a huge Valentine's day family.  The hubs and I don't let the calendar dictate our need to show each other love.  (and I just can't justify him spending money on flowers and cards when we need diapers and socks...romantic no?)

(oh...but I won't say no to a good chocolate or ten)

But we do love that Valentine's day gives us the chance to say thank you to one of our favorite people.

See we have been blessed to have found the most amazing daycare.  Miss Shanon is a wonderful mother, who has opened her home to a gaggle of little boys (no, really, all her charges are currently boys ages 6 months - 4 years!!!).  She loves my boys, takes good care of them.  Since they have been in her care she has helped them blossom.  She is always receptive to my concerns, and I know they are safe in her hands.  We are sad that the boys will not be with her once we move (fortunately they will be going to the daycare my cousin Jenny works at and her daughter attends).

So this Valentine's day was our chance to give her a little thank-you.  We had originally planned to make rice krispie treats for their party, but the boys were sick (Jack with another respiratory issue - that fortunately we managed to care for at home).  Miss Shannon did happen to mention she LOVES Rice Krispie treats and an idea was born.  (and let me jsut say for the record that I only wish I had seen Skip To My Lou's tutorial - otherwise I would NOT have used a cookie cutter!!)

Anyway...did you read all that? {sorry long winded tonight!!}

Here is Miss Shannon's gift

A lovely Rice Krispie Treat Bouquet!!

The cookie cutter heart

or maybe the heart cookie cutter

either way...

Pre frosted hearts


A complete bouquet

to hide my inability to frost neatly 
I opted for the abstract squiggle method

Oh...and Tommy wanted nothing to do with the Rice Krispie Treats...until Miss Shannon said she likes them!!


  1. Oh my goodness - you are insanely gifted!

    I love those and am totally jealous :)

    And suddenly hugry...

    So, are you moving far? Like closer to meeeee? (hee hee)

  2. Those look so goood! What a cute idea for a gift for someone, I love gifts you can eat :)

  3. So very sweet! Very thoughtful gift.

  4. Those turned out so good. I love that idea.

  5. OMG! Love are amazing! I am sure she adored them! How cute!

  6. Um, those, not love. I love them too. Ha!

  7. Those are SO cute! My hubby loves Rice Krispy treats...you gave me an idea for a little birthday treat for him!


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