The Well Runneth Over Dry

I had all sorts of posts planned to write - a million ideas floating around.   But then I got busy...moving with kids is hard...and we haven't even actually moved yet...its all about fixing up the house we are moving into.

And then of course there is this darned stomach bug, it hit Tommy hard on Friday night/Saturday, but fortunately it has only been mild and mostly just annoying for the rest of us.

So tonight...I cheat....And I throw it out to you.

Is there anything you want to see me blog about?  I am running dry - no ideas.  The ones I had this weekend are gone (really....not even a faint memory).  I do not claim to be an expert on anything - but I love pretending I am (LOL).  I would love some suggestions for some posts.

Are you curious about anything about me?


Oh...but one last thing.

I am one of the top 5 in my category (Fashion and Accessories) over at The Lovelies.

I would be thrilled if you would head over and vote for my little shop.

I know I keep asking...but there is only 1 week left to vote...and I actually have a chance at this.  The competition is stiff, and everyone has such lovely shops....I could definitely use your support!!!

The Lovelies

Now this sicky is going to visit friends in the least germ spreading way she knows how....blog hopping!!


  1. Oh no...that sounds awful!!! I hope everyone is better soon!!!!!!!!!

  2. Feel better. I love your pictures and what have you been working on in the sewing department?

  3. Feel better my friend!!!

    I always have ideas and always forget (why do you think there are so many pics on my blog vs. actual words?!). So I am no help here, I'm afraid.

    Love to you and the boys!

  4. I hate when I can't think of anything fun to share. I usually try to make something to stir up my creatity and then share that on my blog:)

  5. I should write down the ideas that come into my head because I always get some good ones and totally forget about them later!! Since the last thing I blogged was a recipe, it is obvious that I have no ideas either!

  6. I'm with you - I am totally in a blog funk!! I have so many things to write about and no time to write them up!

  7. sorry to hear that you are all not feeling well and trying to move and all! Hope you all feel better soon! Isn't it great that we can all still visit each other and not pass along our sicky germs here in the blogging world? :) Have fun visiting!!

  8. Blog funks are terrible. I've been in one for months. The good news is that ultimately they do pass, you just have to keep writing. (I learned this the hard way!)

    In any event, what are writing about some of your sewing projects for spring? We could all use a bit of inspiration!

  9. Oh the joys of moving. I have a post for you...
    What types of things do you do first when moving into a house that make you feel settled?

    For me it's getting all the furniture in place and dishes put away. The final touch is always hanging the pics on the walls.

  10. Oh yes. The great outdoors. I had forgotten about that. Counting down the days to another beach outing with you and the boys.


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