Who Knew?

10 Things I didn't know until I became a Mom

1. That peek-a-boo can really be fun, whether you hide under a blanket, or behind someone (even more fun if the person you are hiding behind has no idea what you are doing)

2.  That I will catch someone elses vomit in my hands (yes....eww....)

3.  That my mother was not just trying to scare me, babies will play with their own poop and won't think twice about bringing that offending hand up to their face

4.  That everyone else will have some sort of opinion on how I did or should have given birth, how I discipline, what I feed them, what our bedtimes should be, what clothes/diapers/wipes/bottles/water we should buy....and just about everything else that they wouldn't have even been concerned with had I not procreated.

5.  That a drool-y snot covered kiss can still be the sweetest thing ever

6.  That I would rather change a poopy diaper than clean out a potty chair (really!! That's just gross!!)

7.  That ketchup {apparently} goes great on EVERYTHING!!

8.  There is no such thing as having enough diapers, wipes, milk, pjs

9.  That children apparently know how to keep themselves from growing until they see that you have a fully stocked wardrobe for them - in a size that will very soon be too small

10.  That my heart and soul can be kept in so many different places at one time - and that no matter where they are {the next room or the next state} part of me is always with them.


  1. I did this one too. Yours are different to mine. I suppose every mother's take on this one will be different. Very enjoyable post.

  2. I love your post. I chose the same topic as well. The funny thing is, I mentioned number two in my post also! I hope you'll stop by and take a look.
    Glad to have found you through Mama Kat's.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  3. Catch the vomit eh????? Us mums are truly multi talented! Visiting from mama kats!!

  4. Fun post! Kids can be really gross sometimes...vomit, poop, and snot all in one post:) I love your #10 though...so sweet!

  5. Yes, to number 2 and 8, and especially to number 10. Actually, yes to pretty much all of these things! Great post. :)

  6. Aaron caught Nate's vomit in his dinner plate the other night, and then had the foresite to switch it out for his own when Nate wasn't quite done. It is funny what you'll do when you have kids!

  7. I love this post. It's so very true! Love the snotty sweet kiss comment. I bout wet my pants thank you. ;)

  8. What a sweet post. Its all so true too! :0)

  9. My ability to suppress a reflex gag has grown quite a bit since kids. Vomit hands will do that. As will vomit pocket and vomit shirt and vomit lap and vomit bag.

  10. Today it dawned on me another item that can be added to my list of "Who Knew".....that I should own stock in batteries, because all these darn toddler toys require so many, and once in use, they last about a day!

  11. Wow Those are all so great and so true!


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