365/365 Week 12

I am completely skipping last week - too much going on with the move.  But now I am back and I am ready to finish out this challenge strong!!

Day 78 (March 19)
we thought an ice cream sandwich would be neater than a bowl of ice cream....
so much for that!!

Day 79 (March 20)

A warm sunshiney day
A party at a friends
complete with a play house
I think this makes Jack happy!!

Day 80 (March 21)
Art time!!

Day 81 (March 22)

Day 82 (March 23)

Signs of spring

Day 83 (March 24)

Sunshine at the park!!

Day 84 (March 25)
Getting a special gift ready for a special friend...
This is the before picture...you'll have to wait for the after!!

Oh...and I swear I have another child...
he is just too fast most days for me to get a picture of...
I really need to work on that I think!!

Hosted by Chris


  1. Great pictures - love the splash one

  2. The first picture is hilarious! How is that kids can make a mess with almost anything!?!

  3. Little boys can never resist a puddle! Love the pics...hopefully Tommy will slow down for you to get some shots of him. lol

  4. Following you now..found you thru blogfrog...have a great day!

  5. Can;t wait to see the finished product. Love the messy ice cream sandwich picture. I am going to get one now actually. YUM

  6. I was about to ask if it was Jack week! ;o)Nate is pretty fast too. He has to be eating something in his seat for me to get any kind of chance of a picture!

  7. I love bright and colorful blogs...and your pictures are GREAT.
    Happy Saturday
    Hope you will stop by my place....Tonight I am drawing for three great giveaways.


  8. The splash...I LOVE it!!

    I am so impressed (and glad) that you are keeping up with this project through all the changes at your house!

  9. Well, welcome back! :)

    Ice cream (in any form) + kid will NEVER equal neat (or clean, or tidy...)

    The splash in the puddle is great -- it's hard to get that shot to look right (I know whereof I speak) but you nailed it!

    Well done.


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