Cutting Myself Some Slack

Have I mentioned yet that I'm moving?

Oh...sorry...yeah I keep talking about it...

This move has invaded every aspect of my life,

And to be honest I am not loving it.

I am not loving that I have not sewn a stitch in over a week

I am not loving that I haven't been able to take my daily pictures

I am not loving the fact that we are in different locations most nights

I am not loving the exhaustion, the frustration, the confusion

I am not loving the chaos of our lives right now

And I mentioned the other day I have felt guilty

I have thought about that guilt

I have dwelled on it

And tonight I have decided

I am going to cut myself some slack

No life isn't perfect right now

My fuse has shrunk a little

But I am going to cut myself some slack

I know I am doing the best I can

We are making the best of our unhappy circumstances

So now we can all breathe deep

Because the move is almost over

And you don't have to "listen" to me prattle on

About it any more....


No more pity party...

I'm done...

Tomorrow I am going to post about Jack's birthday party

It was a perfect day

My baby boy {who is hardly a baby anymore} had fun

Until then...

Good night...

And thank you for indulging me and my constant "poor me" posts


  1. Thank goodness..cause I was about to have to come and smack ya for being so hard on yourself..LOL
    Ya know ..you are doing great...be good to yourself..
    Love you.

  2. Moving is NO fun. Thinking of you and hoping the rest goes smoothly. :)

  3. You absolutely do need to cut yourself some slack! It is really hard when your life is being completely uprooted - literally!

    The storm will pass and things will be "normal" again soon. Sending you big hugs!

    Oh, and love that picture of Jack. I LOVE his shirt too! Did you make it?

  4. Jack looks like he is having a blast in that picture!!! happy birthday to him!!! The countdown is almost over. You will be home free before long. :)

  5. I'll post my "Free Pass" for you if I need to! Give yourself a break and a rest.

  6. I'm glad you decided to cut yourself some slack! I think we all need to do that sometimes! I can't wait to see pics of the party! His shirt is so cute:)

  7. It sucks to move, but it will be over soon! I am sending you the pics this afternoon, once I get out of the darn lab!

  8. Moving is a huge task...definitely give yourself some slack. Life is busy with or without the move you have a job and a family.

  9. Hey, at least you have it together enough to still have a party for Jack! You should definitely be proud of that :) Hang in there.

  10. Most definitely cut yourself some slack! Shew...I'm stressed and worn out just reading your last few posts!

    Everything will settle down soon. And while there are a lot of changes in your life, GOOD will come out of it all. I'm praying for you.


  11. Can't wait for a birthday recap! Jack looks adorable in his "J" shirt. So cute!

    Sorry about the move. Once it's over, you definitely deserve some down time!! Just you and your sewing machine, right? : )


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