My Lists 3/29/10

Happy List

  1. The rain is bringing with it lush green grass and lovely early spring blooms
  2. We finally have internet up and running in our room
  3. I have found a great group of women to support me and who I can support as we all try to trim down!!
  4. I didn't spend half my morning in a meeting trying to stay awake...and that feels good :)
  5. Gardening weather is so so close and I have many blank slates to start with this spring

Not So Happy List
  1. stupid ice cream!!  
  2. stupid husband for bringing me stupid ice cream!!
  3. stupid Doritos
  4. stupid....oh wait....can't insult the MIL...she's letting us live here after all :)

To Do List
  1. Return unused boxes to UHaul
  2. Make hair appointment
  3. Reorganize desk (can't stand the computer on this side of the desk - its just awkward)
  4. Call storage facility for prices
  5. Reorganize file cabinet and file box full of info
  6. Start my bloggy facelift - need a new look for spring!!

Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say and Then I Became a Parent List:
  1. Honey, please don't lick the fridge
  2. No I didn't know that Bobo's* job was to bury things that are old 
  3. Yes it is scary when you climb out the window onto the roof!!
  4. Please don't lick the window!!
  5. Peeing in the bushes will not make nature mad as long as you only do it when you have to
  6. Don't brush your hair with your tooth brush please!!
  7. No, the cat does not like it when you touch him there!!
  8. Don't lick your brother!!
*Bobo is what Tommy & Jack call their grandmother, my MIL, just in case you were wondering.


    1. Love it! Especially the things you never imagined you would say. I need to start writing these down so I can remember them.

    2. LOL At least you have not had to say, "don't lick the toilet." :)

    3. I love the last list! My son once licked his infant baby sister right in front of a friend of mine. I was mortified!

    4. I had to laugh at the honey, please don't lick the fridge. Mine is ... honey, please don't make martians in bed.

    5. Why do kiddos find it nessecary to lick everything!?! I'm so glad you found a group of women for support...and getting in shape with a group is always easier! I agree...stupid ice cream! And don't forget stupid easter candy too!

    6. I'm with Kelli- stupid Easter Candy!

      Your last list cracked me up! I never thought I would say, "Don't bite the couch!".

    7. I have a ton of culling and moving to do in my garden, just waiting for this stupid rain to stop. Stupid Rain!

      Greetings from Pawtucket.

    8. LOL! Who is doing all the licking??

    9. Stupid Doritos is right!! Had a few too many cool ranch last weekend and somehow got left with the rest of the bag. UGH!

      LOVE the last list. We don't have as much problem with licking as climbing. "Please do not climb the pantry shelves." "Please do not climb the washing machine." "Please do not climb on your baby brother."

    10. I will ho[p on board by cursing the girl scouts for their damn cookies. I figure once theyare gone I will stop eating them, so maybe I should just eat the rest of the box and get it over with!

      Why do they have to lick everything? It is weird...and gross!

    11. LOL We love doritos around here too. YUM. They are evil though. I have said many of those things to my kids too. Why must they lick everything?


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