My Lists

Happy List

  1. Jack and I have so much fun together when we are home
  2. We can walk to the playground
  3. We are settling right in
  4. Tommy LOVES his new school
  5. Rain boots
Not so happy list
  1. Weight gain (ugh...it really really got out of control)
  2. TOO much stuff to unpack
  3. Rain rain go away!!
To Do List
  1. Hang curtains in our room
  2. Laundry (like this needs to be listed...this is a constant)
  3. Set up serger and learn how to use
  4. New pics for Etsy
Things I Really Really Need to Find List
  1. Charger for camera battery
  2. Case full of wound bobbins
  3. Quilting rulers
  4. My shoes


  1. How fun to have the playground within walking distance...maybe that will help with the weight! And you got a new serger...how cool! I would love a new sewing machine/serger! I hope you find your shoes soon:)

  2. I can deal with the rain just because I know it will make everything green. It is hard to go back to cold and rainy after it was so nice this weekend!

  3. We're having rain, too. It's very damp and cold outside! I'm ready for some warmer temps.

    I'm so glad to hear that Tommy likes his new school!


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