PSF: Filling in Some Blanks

So its week 10...but as I said before I am cutting myself some slack.  I have definitely not taken pictures everyday {especially since right now my favorite photo fodder are out until bedtime}

Here is what I have taken since the last go round

Days 56 - 64 {Feb 26 - Mar 10}

Day 56

Day 58
I am so excited
This will be the boys room
I wanted a color as fun as they are
I can't wait to get it all done now!!

Day 60
This is what laundry drying in my kitchen looks like
I am happy to report that the dryer has been fixed
{by me of course}
And the dryer racks have been put away for now

Day 62
Tommy and Jack had to put their "babies" in the crib the other night
and yes Tommy refers to all of them as his "babies"
And if you ask him...
They are all girls :)

Day 64
Tommy's sweet little girlfriend. 
She was so cute just playing with this fake flower
at Jack's bday party.

Well that's it for this week. 
I have every intention of finishing off the year a little better
Once we settle in.
But no matter what
I am going to do my best
To stick with this!!!

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  1. Hummm babies... all girls... My girls have babies too (but they don't call them babies)... and oddly... most are girls too. :)

  2. That is soo sweet with all the stuffed animals in the bed...I mean, if he wants to sleep with that many girls later in life I might question it but now...probably not!!! LOL ;)


  3. Oh, PS..I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green color in the boys room...I need to paint soo much stuff..HELP!

  4. Hang in there! I'm so glad you're still participating as much as you can. Those are some green walls -- I could really go for that.

    i remember when our crib looked like that - sometimes I would come in, and it would take a second to identify the child among the "babies."

  5. I'm so impressed you've kept up as well as you have!!!

    I love the green room. Love it. And the girlfriend shot...well that one is a keeper. Her mom would love it. :)

  6. I love the green you chose! Very pretty! I also love the one of your son and his girl friend! Happy Friday!

  7. My boys aren't really big on stuffed animals! I think they each have a favorite and the rest never get played with! I love the color of the boys room...nice and cheery!

  8. I love the green walls! We painted our family room green a few years ago, and I love it!

  9. Love the babies in the crib! We have a pack and play that keeps most of our babies, but a few of them do get snuck into bed with us, along with the toddler, of course!

    Great pics!

  10. Love the color of their room and the stuffed animals crack me up. Both of my boys have a ton!

  11. Ooooh... green. Just in time for St. Patty's day! The boys will surely love it.

  12. I'm impressed you took the challenge.... I'm a weenie and didn't even try!
    I like the capture of the little girl playing with the flower.


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