To the Littlest Guy

In a few short days you will be 2

I can't belive that this time last year we were celebrating your first birthday

I can't believe that just two years ago I was anxiously awaiting your arrival (if you only knew the miles that mommy paced around Walmart in an effort to coax you out!!)

I love you my sweet baby boy

I love you my little man

In all your moods

And silly faces

You are sweet and cute and strong


And silly

My little cuddle monkey

I love you more than I ever thought possible
Happy {almost} Birthday Baby Boy!!

{If you are curious Jack's actualy birthday is this Saturday, trying to get ahead of the game on at least one thing right now :)}


  1. Insane to think another year has flown by! He gets cuter with every post.

    Though I have to admit I chuckled again at the pic of him sitting on the shelf... right next to the baby gate that was probably feeling a bit useless, ha ha. Those kids have a wealth of creativity when they want to get around obstacles!

    Happy Almost Birthday sweetie!

  2. Oh what a sweet, sweet post about such an adorable little guy!

    Happy almost birthday to your cutie :)

  3. awww he is such a cutie. Happy Birthday to him.


  4. Happy birthday to your little man!! He sure is a lucky boy to have a mom who loves him as much as you obviously do!!

  5. Happy Birthday little guy we have a birthday celebration coming here in just a week in half too.
    luv the baby belly. He's such a cutie

  6. The pictures are totally adorable!! 2 year olds are awesome!

  7. Happy Birthday to him! I love the 'courageous' picture.

  8. Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack! You are a cutie!

  9. happy early birthday!! my oldest (who's going to be FIVE) has her birthday friday! march is a good month. love the belly shot!! it's amazing how time flies isn't it!

  10. He is SUCH a cutie pie! My baby turned 2 last week! Time sure does fly.

  11. He is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Buddy!

  12. So cute! I love the picture of him in the overalls! Eli won't be 2 until September, but it still feels like he is getting big too fast!

  13. He is just adorable! Happy pre-birthday to him! My Jacob will be two on the 11th. Time does fly doesn't it?

  14. Wow Happy Birthday, does time not fly? Love all the pics

  15. Happy Birthday to your almost 2 year old.

  16. Happy early Birthday to him! He's such a cutie!


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