365 in 365 Week 16

Hosted by Chris

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Pam

Day 106 (Apr 16)
 A rainy day
two small boys
and lots of paint...
It was a good day :)

Day 107 (Apr 17)
Nothing says happy
Like a toddler licking the frosting
From his sticky fingers.

Day 108 (Apr 18)
 So I forgot to take pics at craft night
But don't worry
The felt food had a photo shoot
The very next morning

Day 109 (Apr 19)
Taken with my phone
While exploring our library
Nothing else to say about this one

Day 110 (Apr 20)
 This is my chive
She is 7 years old
I love my chive
and I love that this summer
She will have company again

Day 111 (Apr 21)
I have a new sewing space that I love
So I decided to give some of that space to the boys
So that they can have a craft space of their own
I have yet to show them
I hope they love it!!

Day 112 (Apr 22)
It was a gorgeous day
The boys and I went to the park
Tommy found a bench
And sat, and watched
And thought of things
That only an almost 4-year old
Could think of.


  1. that felted eggplant is so adorable! Had to come over and say hello. I saw your comment over on Yummy Mommy's blog and had to laugh as the shower tip is my husband's favorite way to help the Earth too ;)

  2. Those are the cutest felt foodies that I've ever seen!

    And oh, that bench on the pier... do you notice how it smells like dead fish and fish guts over there? Blahhh! Some of the guys who fish off of there are nasty nasty!

  3. Love the last one...."and thought of things..."
    like why my feet don't touch the ground!

  4. I am LOVING the felt food! I just saw a project to make that from "You can Make This.com" How fun!
    I love that you do so much crafting with your kids. makes for a richer life for them :)

  5. Mmm, chive.
    I love the Blogging for Dummies book! That's funny right there!

  6. The felt food is too cute! So glad it got to have photoshoot of it's own:)

  7. You are a good mom for giving half your craft space to your kids!

  8. Crud, I will send you the craft night pics today. I can't remember things at all these days!!

  9. The last on is so striking.

  10. I love the little craft space you created!

    The felt food is just too awesome!

    I might need to take a trip to your library sometime soon!

    That last one is wonderful!

  11. Love the picture of your son on the bench!

    I totally need some organization for my kids toys and my craft room! Wanna come do my house next?

  12. We have a chive. He's kind of lonely at the moment.

    Two small boys, and lots of paint, will always equal fun -- for the boys anyway :)

    Nothing deserves a photo shoot like felt food I always say.

    I love the bench shot -- and your caption even more!

    Well done.

  13. I love this post, and I LOVE the food you girls made. You are so crafty!

  14. What a perfect week! Who knew that felt food would be the next big thing. I LOVE that egg. So cute! And I also love your plant that is going to have company soon! Fresh is the best : )

  15. Looks like you had a great week! Love the picture of the library books! They have a "....for dummies" book for everything dont they? :)

  16. Craft night must have been fun! And I would love a dedicated sewing space :)


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