365/365: Week 13

Day 85 (Mar 26)
A rainy day project was needed
one that could be done in PJs 
so we made flowers
from cupcake liners

Day 86 (Mar 27) 
 Tommy and Daddy
They are buddies
They hang out in the basement
Drinking juice
and discussing old music
I hope this lasts a long long time!

Day 87 (Mar 28)
 Some days
There is nothing better
Than a good wooden block

Day 88 (Mar 29)
If you have been watching the news
You may be aware
We've had some rain here in RI
A lot of rain in fact
So we built a boat
With the best materials we could find
Day 89 (Mar 30)
 The American Idol contestants have nothing on my future rock star 
(rocking out on Daddy's music equipment!!)

Day 90 (Mar 31)
 I love helping Tommy find new ways to build his train track
We love to make sure that just about every piece is used!!
I would love to get more, much more, and see if we could 
run the track around the entire 1st floor!!

Day 91 (Apr 1)
Jack is giving the camera his brooding-future-model look

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and ???


Hosted by Chris


  1. I loved the pictures this week. Lots of boys playing with toys. How fun. My son doesn't play enough with his toys. Love the last picture with the soccer ball of jack...too cute.

  2. I think the idea of running train track through the whole first floor is awesome! How much fun would that be?

    Wooden blocks are classic!

    Jack and the soccer ball-too precious!

  3. You guys have so much fun Liz! So much fun! I love it!

  4. They hang out in the basement drinking juice and discussing old music...on my gosh, I LOVE that!!! Best photo description I've read in a LONG time!!!

  5. Gee whiz. I meant OH my gosh. I'm a dork.

  6. My favorite shot is the last one. Look out americans next super model....boy version. :)


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