A Day at the Zoo

Last Thursday I braved the zoo with my two little men in tow.  We had a wonderful morning checking out all the animals and enjoying just being with each other.  The boys were amazingly well behaved the whole time....well up until the end when they really started getting tired...but considering we had been there for ~3 hours I really can't blame them. 

The boys loved this wooden camel.
I had to bribe Tommy with the rest of my fudge
to get him to walk away from it.

The elephant was equally as cool...
but they weren't nearly as enamoured

I wish I could remember what animal this was
It was very cute
The boys really liked it
And Jack was convinced
It was a "doggy"!
This was by far our favorite
The seals are always fun to watch.
We managed to get the perfect spot at the glass
Where they would do all their little turns and flips
I could have watched them all day!!

You know your almost 4-year-old is tired
when they voluntarily sit down on a bench to rest


  1. Those are super cute pictures. We LOVE the zoo.

  2. my newest post is at the wild animal park! my little guy loves the zoo too!!

  3. I'm not sure I will have the courage to take two out at the same time for a while!!! Oh, and I got a zoo membership this year, knowing that the kiddo can only last a short amount time when there, so I don't feel so bad if our trip is only an hour or so.

  4. We don't really have a zoo here, but we have a wonderful aquarium... and it's always a treat for the kids to go there. :)

  5. LOL I have boys too What fun. Great day at the ZOoo

  6. We love visiting zoos! Everytime we go on vacation we try to visit a new one. You got great pictures !!

  7. Sounds like a fun time! I also know my kiddos are tired when they stop running circles around me to take a rest:)

  8. Super fun! Your boys are adorable!

  9. You're brave to take both of them to the zoo! I will only do that with the hubbs in tow! Yay for nice weather though!!

  10. That is so true about 4 year old boys! LOL
    You got some great pictures! It looks like you all had an awesome time!

  11. How fun. we love the zoo and as many times as we go it is still fun. Cute pictures. They look like they were well behaved and had a nice time.

  12. The zoo is great...ESPECIALLY in the spring, before it gets too hot (and smelly)! lol

  13. We are so overdue for a zoo visit too! Itty Bit's favorites were the meerkats!

    I love love love the seals - they always seem to be in a great mood!

    And I laughed and laughed at the last picture. Itty Bit is almost 4 too, and I know to look for flying pigs if he sits down to rest! :)


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