My Lists 4/20/2010

Happy List

  1. I have a nice little pile of new fabric
  2. Craft night with the girls - full of felt strawberries, eggs, eggplants and broccoli (and the orange slices that thought they would defeat us!!)
  3. My new serger....it is the best thing ever!!!!
  4. Upcoming consignment sale, I have a couple things to sell, but mostly I can't wait to find new clothes for Tommy!!
  5. I finally got the lawn reseeded!!!  and Jack had fun helping me!!!
  6. I napped today :)  I love random daytime naps!!

Not So Happy List

  1. Jack is once again waking at night (usually around 3am) at least once a week if not more, and isn't falling back asleep once he is up
  2. Tommy is working hard to give up his naps, but still really needs them, this is making the couple of hours before bed even more fun!!!
  3. Not taking a single picture at craft night (really?!  I even had my camera with me!!!)
  4. Parents who don't watch their very loud, very hyper little kid at the library and ruin it for my boys

To Do List

  1. Tag clothes and toys for consignment sale
  2. Start planting seeds in new gardens
  3. Take pictures of boys room w/new decorations
  4. Make a library bag for the boys
  5. Finish sorhing through all the toys still packed in boxes
  6. Finish the felt food I started at craft night but did not finish

Things to Know About Taking 2 Toddlers to the Zoo Alone list
  1. Accept the fact that sometimes the animal poop is as interesting as the animal
  2. Accept the fact that sometimes the bugs on the ground are as interesting as well (if not more so)
  3. Bring lots of snacks - not for eating as much as for bribing
  4. Layers...its all about layers...the zoo can be an amazingly warm place
  5. They may not like hot dogs at home so much but at the zoo they are apparently the best food ever
  6. Get rid of any expectations of tons of professional quality pictures...seriously it just ain't happening!!
  7. Go early (at least at our zoo) the crowds were light, the air was not so stinky, and the naptime was not missed
  8. Know when to leave, as the crowds are gaining and the pace is slowing LEAVE...beat the exhausted toddler melt down
  9. if you don't have a double stroller, rent one, its great for kids and all the stuff they come with
  10. Be prepared to nap when you get home - you will NEED it {well at least I did!!}


  1. I hate you didn't take pics at craft night! I would love to see all the cute felt food you made! I love random daytime naps too:)

  2. Random naps are the best! Isn't it funny how we hated naps when we little and now it sometimes sounds like the best thing ever! :)

  3. I love your lists! I like making lists, too... :) There is something so infinitely gratifying being able to tick off an item on your to-do list. :)

  4. It was so fun to have a craft night! Next time the hubbyis going to have to bite the bullet and take care of the youngins though!! I will get those pictures to you today (I think)! ;o)

  5. Did you go to the RI Kids consignment sale? A new mom friend and I went on Thursday, my first time-- so fun!!


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