My Lists: The Laundry Edition

So many of you shared with me your laundry plans and routines (or even lack there of).  There were definitely many of you much more organized than I am!!  I figured this week instead of my {almost} usual lists I would feature some of the tips and ideas (check out the comments from that post if you want ALL the ideas that were shared!!)

The I Already Do This List
  1. Crap, I'm supposed to sort them??  Kelly Deneen
  2. Basically though... I hate laundry. It is the bane of my existence and there is no simple answer  Michele Horne 
  3. Lately, I have just simply been ignoring the laundry! Kelli @ RTSM
  4.  I do whatever is in the house that makes a full load  Lori of I'm no super Mom
  5. Not well. That's how I deal with it, unfortunately Jane Anne
  6. As for folding and putting it away, that's my biggest problem. Sometimes we just dress ourselves out of our clean clothes hampers!! Heather
  7. Laundry is a beast that takes over my home. DysFUNctional Mom

The I'm Planning To Try These List

  1. I have one of those 3 bin sorter things in the laundry room. 1 for towels, 1 for darks, 1 for lights  LZ  
  2. Target has this new PUMP-style detergent in this skinny bottle by "METHOD". Smells great, works great, and is SO much less room to store!  Rachel
  3.  I separate lights from darks from reds from towels and that is it. Four different kinds of loads. christy rose
  4. I keep one hamper in the bathroom for kid's clothes, towels, and the occasional cloth diaper Marcia Maynard
  5. every other week (usually) I do a load of "delicates" which includes my undies and any of my tops that say "delicate cycle" on the tag. Elaine A. 

The I Think I Could Try Some of These List 

  1. I try to do one load every other day  LZ
  2. sorting by color and doing whatever pile gets biggest first Michele Horne
  3. I always turn clothes inside-out before washing them. It helps to protect the outside of the clothes from looking too worn, and also keeps clothes from 'pilling' so bad. Beth E.
  4. it really only takes about 10 minutes to fold and put away one load at a time. Life With The Boys!
  5.  I am trying to get to the point where I wash and fold one load a day, but am not quite there yet Kameron
  6. I make my own laundry detergent. King J's Queen 
  7. I do laundry as needed, but try to stick to just weekends whenever possible. Brooke

The There is No Way I could do this list
  1. One for each of the boys, one of whites, one of colors, one with jeans, and one with kitchen stuff Kelli @ RTSM
  2. Laundry is one chore that I do not mind doing. christy rose

The Best Idea I ever heard List:

  1. Hubby does laundry on WednesdaysKelly Wolfe { Ok...so yes there was more to this comment but I only focussed on this part of it :)}


  1. Yeah - I made it on a list!! PS. Sometimes I am "too busy" on Sundays to do my part, so he has to do all the laundry on Wednesdays!!

  2. The last one is a suggestion we could all take to heart. Ha! I wonder if J would go for it?

  3. I have to do laundry every other day or I am buried the next day.

  4. I'm still working on the ignoring the laundry thing! But the five or so piles in my bathroom & in the laundry room are not going to let me ignore them for much longer:)

  5. I hate laundry, but I find if you put if off for long enough the hubbs helps because he has no more clean underwear!

  6. Hubby doing laundry one had me smirking and chuckling.

    I don't even LET my husband near the washing machine. He's the one who doesn't like our son wearing PINK...! hee hee

  7. My husband doesn't help me do laundry- I'd rather him not, he doesn't read the tag and tends to shrink my clothes. But, he DOES help fold.
    Thanks for making all of the lists. I never got around to reading all of the comments. This was really helpful.

  8. I only separate lights whites and darks. I use bleach in the whites and towels...to get them extra clean. I don't mind laundry, but I do it everyday. Because there are dirty clothes...and a lot of them everyday. That way it is not a burden.

  9. http://jenandtheboys.blogspot.com/2010/02/huge-admission.html

    I blogged about this exact thing in February. How funny! But my thing about laundry is that it's creating order out of chaos. This has become a mantra for several girlfriends of mine who have compeltely out-of-control parts of their lives (husbands deploying, building homes, etc.). We cannot control everything, but I can create order out of the chaos of our clothes!!

    Awesome list!

  10. I actually like doing it, too. I like having all my clothes to choose from and an empty hamper. Honored to have made the list :-)


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