My Lists

Happy List

  1. Jack only woke up 2 times last week
  2. Shopping at the consignment sale last week without my kiddos
  3. A fun day at the park then a nap with my boys
  4. Waking up from said nap to an amazing thunderstorm
  5. Hubby came home early and spent the day with Jack and I 
  6. We made the best granola and trail mix ever tonight - seriously, so so so good, I will share the recipe for it later!!

Not-So Happy List

  1. My littlest guy has a broken arm :(
  2. Broken arms do not make bed time or bath time any easier
  3. Have you ever tried to convince a 2 year old they need to take it easy?!
  4. Hubby and Jack came with me grocery shopping...lets just say we went over budget this week!!!

To Do List
  1. Make more felt food (and finish the food I started)
  2. Take Jack to orthopedic tomorrow
  3. Post new aprons on Etsy
  4. Reorganize fabric stash
  5. Organize notions drawer
  6. Find decorations for sewing space - need to make my cave a little homier
  7. Buy fabric for A Frock By Friday Sew Along and cut pattern and fabric (I'm a day behind) {BTW check out Grosgrain - who is hosting this sew along - she is AMAZING!!}

Kids Say The Darndest Things List
  1. Tommy Dammit!!  I dropped my money
  2. Tommy:  Hey Buddy.  I'm going to call you Buddy now
  3. Tommy:  I know I'll have a treat first and then take a bath, does that sound like a plan?
  4. Tommy:  I ask a lot of questions!!  {I'm glad he realizes it too!!}
  5. Tommy:  I think I should become a racecar
  6. Jack: Look Mommy!! Trash Truck!!!

OH...and your to do list:
  1. Check out my giveaway for a Stop & Shop gift card here!!


  1. I wish I had some time to do any of the things I need to get done! I have to start sewing more for the PAF. I know t's in June, but I don't need to be rushing down to the wire like always! I want to make more felt food too. I want to read a freaking book. Ugh, no time for lovely things these days!

    Sorry about Jack's arm. That really stinks. I'm surprised Nate hasn't needed a trip to the ER for an injury yet (knock on wood). Good luck at the ortho today.

  2. OUCH on the broken arm, but I am loving the quotes. Super cuteness!

  3. My 4-year old told me to clean up the house by myself. Why?

    "Because you need to be a good boy," he said.

    Twitter: mikeleonen
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  4. I refuse to let anyone go to the grocery store with me anymore! I always go WAY over budget when anyone comes along! And I still leave feeling like the meanest person in the world because all I can remember saying the whole time that I was there was "NO!!!" LOL


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