Week 14

Day 92
Teaching my baby boy how to dye eggs...
Tommy is already a pro!!

Day 93
Last weekend at the Audobon
We went for a long walk
We saw this frog

Day 94
No baskets here
instead the boys got wagons
full of gardening tools
which were quickly replaced
with eggs full of pennies

Day 95
This is my garden
it was once my garden
and I will reclaim it
I just don't know how much work it will take

Day 96
Whats better than this
Big brother
pushing little brother
in a socially acceptable way

Day 97
 Garden number 2
in its past life it was a gorgeous shade garden
the contractors took care of that
I'm just happy my lenten rose survived
and now I have
another blank canvas

Day 98
Daddy got disc golf discs 
(try saying that fast)
we took them to a field
we threw them
Jack stood and cried
When we walked away from them
to retrieve the thrown discs


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  1. Isn't a blank canvas so amazing?! I love thinking of things that I can plant and where. Coming over from Better In Bulk. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Your pictures are so good!! Looks like you had a great week!

  3. I love that frog picture, and the wagon idea is great! Good luck with the gardens.

  4. Alright, I tried saying disc golf discs fast, but it just came out sounding obscene. :)

    I admire you for tackling not one, but two gardens. We're going to try one little 4X4 plot this year, and I'm scared to death.

    HA! I loved the socially acceptable comment -- I'm going to use that one.

  5. I love the frog! Would be a fun one to play with colors.... like subtracting the color except for the frog!

  6. Wow I wish that I had that much space for a garden. You go girly! That is awesome.

  7. I can't wait to get the garden going this year! We already started the seeedlings for our tomatoes and a few other things.


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